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    Leaving Fish Without Food

    Lowering the temp to reduce metabolism won't hurt them. And 2 weeks without food will not hurt, if worried you could leave some Live food (daphnia) in a feeder for them to pick at.
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    Long Time No Talk

    Lol yeah will start posting again
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    Blue Ramshorn Snails

    Hello stranger, what do you have left
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    Leicestershire Anyone?

    Hello All, recognise a few oldies in this area. I am LE67 3QX Coalville Aquatics.
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    At Last I have an LFS

    At Last I have an LFS
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    Long Time No Talk

    So I have not been on here in what seems like a few years, kind of lost touch with people on here. Easily done, as have been concentrating on the planted side and researching researching researching. Was reminded last night that I should let those that remember me, That I am now the Store...
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    Apologies for not answering Messages, I have been in India since Early Feb and Only just got...

    Apologies for not answering Messages, I have been in India since Early Feb and Only just got Internet Service. Will be back in the Uk late April Onwards.
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    Pets@home Plants

    The Pets at Home Tropica Plants are great and Very Good Quality, Never had problems with them
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    Omg It Was Twins Its A 1Ml Lol

    Very Cool, And as for complaints :P
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    Omg, My Pico Had A Baby Too!

    Cooool, Those Cultures are great:good::good:
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    Carlovel1's Attempt At Pico Tank

    VV Good, 1st one to have a background so far. :good:
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    My Picos Had A Baby Its A 4Ml Lol

    This Is Getting Very Good, Love that you have used a TicTac Box.
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    Pic Off Comp!

    Ok will start putting some stuff together for you
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    Pic Off Comp!

    it will also be good to give people pointers on what to use and and where you can find some amazing holders that make Excellent Pico Tanks.
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    What Another Pico?

    Very Cool little ones. Like the Shot glass one the best :hyper: