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    Diy Bubble Counter

    Dude I don't even have a tank setup, moving house end of month so can't wait to get an aquarium filled. Water changes even sound good ATM
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    Diy Bubble Counter

    May have another one of these in the future if anybody is interested. im missing one small part
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    Diy Bubble Counter

    Quite a good analysis of it, its overkill for a bubble counter when you dont actually need one. This is the first time ill be using Co2 injection so im excited and nervous of how it will go. I have the nutrients for EI dosing and enough light but like i said first time
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    Preparing Slate Confusion !

    What about getting enough slate to build using weight distribution so each slate holds other in place. Looks more naturally occurring got any pics dude?
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    Diy Bubble Counter

    Lol I'm not gonna google him and pretend like I know who he is. Who's Heath Robinson?
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    Diy Bubble Counter

    Thank you DrRob for your comment, I think people will be more likely to ask questions about planted tanks when they see this. Bring more people to the planted side
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    Aquarium Sealant

    +1 My bro has used this with success. Decent
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    Filter Media Help

    More bio rings or filter floss my man
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    Diy Bubble Counter

    Video of my custom bubble counter made from a steam boiler guage glass
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    70 L Journal

      Thanks Zikofski! Im in the middle of reading your plante journal. Very inspiring!   Ya I do love this species. At the moment the tank is broken down because i am moving house in June. I have been collecting equipment getting ready to set up a high tech planted so I still have not decided on...
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    Hydor Inline Heater X 2 Brand New In Box

    Ill take this off your hands my lad
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    Mixed Box Of Mini Landscape And Dragon Rock

    Did you sell these?
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    Hydor Inline Heater X 2 Brand New In Box

    Hi PS3Steveo,   Would this be suitable for a 70L tank or is it overkill?   Dont have a filter yet so dont want to buy if the fitlers fitting this will be too big..   Paul
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    What Fish Should I Put In My Community Tank Next?

    More Corys. There are never enought corys!
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    For Sale Anubias On Wood

    Hello,   Im sorry i did not respond as i had unforseen personal problem to attend and wasnt online. Also had to leave my fish alone unprepared for a few days but all is well.   This was taken by someone already but thank you for the interest!!       The egg is still for sale