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    My First Ever Rams

    Fish seem to be doing well. Think I have a male and a female too which is good.
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    What kind of camera do you have?

    I use a Nikon D50, they don't make them anymore, but there are many god alternatives such as the D60, 80 or 90 These pics were taken with my camera My Flickr
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    How Many People Have Reptiles

    Can live anything from about 12 - 20 years.
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    ****what Was Your First Fish And Tank?****

    Can't remember how big my tank was, but my first tank was a breeding pair of Kribensis. My dad always had a huge tank in the living room when we were growing up and when the Kribs looked like breeding we moved them to a smaller tank in my bedroom. That was about 20 years ago. I ended up with...
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    Pristella Tetra

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    Flying Fox

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    Bolivian Ram

    I think my two are still fairly young.
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    Swordtail - Common

    My female swordtail.
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    Croydora Id Help Please

    Possibly Sterbai Corys
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    How Many People Have Reptiles

    I can't remember exactly but probably about 5.
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    How Many People Have Reptiles

    I have a Leopard Gecko.
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    Help Looking For Some Plants

    I have a tank 85cm x 45cm x 35 cm and I have a few plants in the background. I was looking for some smaller plants to put in the foreground of the tank that won't grow as big. I see some of these online retailers do little collections of plants. Can anyone recommend me some for my tank? My...
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    Livebearers Photo Sharing Thread

    One of recent little guys
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    7 Foot, 1074 Litres, 284 Gallons.

    Your dog looks like he wants to go in for a swim.
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    My First Ever Rams

    I am quite excited as I have never owned these lovely looking fish in all my years of fish keeping. Anyone got any experiences of keeping these fish? Here's one of mine