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    went in today to check they are chinese soft shelled turtles
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    Just seen some freshwater turtles in my local there about the same size as a 50p and was just wondering what i need to look after them and everything like can they be kept with other fish etc how the water should be what to feed them on etc etc etc.
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    does anyone use the food 'betta bio gold' fish flares at the packet. he seems a lot happier and healthyer since he has eaten it. he wont even look at normal food or even live food. hes a weird fish though.he hates mollies and platys
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    does anyone use the food 'betta bio gold'

    i use a food called betta bio gold and the shop i normally get it froms nearly 30miles away from my home. my fighter just wont eat anything else at all.ive tried everything and thats the only thing he loves. Has anyone heard of this food and does anyone no a website or somewhere that sells it in...
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    Anyone ever used Hikari 'first bites'

    has anyone ever used hikari first bites. im using it for my baby platys and was wondering if its any good in the long run
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    Members Gallery Pics

    I dont get
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    hehe am getting this soon

    do you like my brumbrum im getting.Its a special edition Vespa ET4. Im going to get it when i get some money from a pending claim. Its a bit like the one in the pic but the 1 im gettings a special edition and the only difference between that one and the one in the pic is that it has silver...
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    Whats on Your Desktop

    this is my desktop, i made it myself.the rest of its gon a bit blurry tho. i think its cos ive edited it in
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    What do you have pierced ¿?

    ive got 3 earings in each ear,nose peirced and lip. The worst peircing ive ever had surprisingly was the top of my ears. that really really was painfull. it was swelled up for weeks and they told me it was normal. My lip was numbed and it wa scool.I couldnt talk for an hour after cos my tounge...
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    Members Gallery Pics

    this is a pic of me with rodney, the lead singer of violent delight. I got bullied for ages cos people thort he was by brother. This is a more up to date pic of me. My mates say i luk like lauri yloen from the rasmus. i dunno bout that
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    A newer pic of me

    lol thanx, i new itd b sumit like
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    A newer pic of me

    :o thanx, no1 adly ever replies to pictures i put on, i must be ugly or sumit.
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    lots n lots n lots n lots of babies

    lol yeaaa it is a bit complicated int it. well the mothers a sunset platy and the fathers either a tuxedo platy or a little orange 1 with black blobs on ive got a feeling its the tuxedo platy because the babies have their stripes on their tails already.
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    Has anyone else got a betta like this

    have you got any information on them or know a website i can find infor. i can never find factual websites.
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    lots n lots n lots n lots of babies

    my boyfriends platy had 50 odd babies a week ago and he gave them to me. some of them got eaten but i have 48 of them. i have'nt got a clue who the father is but theyve got little black patches on their tails already.