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    Cycling A Tank Look For Some Suggestions

    hey, A bit good news I have peacocks and red fin zebras in a larger tank and they don't seem to bother each other I would suggest that you buy your fish as fry and not only is it fun watching them grow, they also grow together and not killing each other for territory. Also the more hiding places...
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    Your Hobbies

    The lock man having 4 kids is a full time job not a hobby pmsl
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    Girlfriend Gave The "go" For A Shrimp Only Tank! :d

    That's great, Im so happy for you! good luck!
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    Some Questiona About Some Fish

    maybe cory's for bottom? Its really what you like?  Have a look  in your lps and if there's anything you like take note and come back on this forum and some of the guys/girls here will help you with stock quantities, fish's needs and requirements.
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    Some Questiona About Some Fish

    what do you have in tank now?
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    Girlfriend Gave The "go" For A Shrimp Only Tank! :d

    HI, I had to laugh when I read this, I had the same with my g/f when I bought a 3ft tank 10 months ago... she loved it now I have 3 one being a 4ft x 2 x 2 She will eventually let you get more as long as you do all the work pmsl
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    Three New Tanks

    Really like it, made a great job! more pics to come I hope?
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    Need Instant Help With Malawi Cichlid!

    Totally agree Wills and Agent 14, Its a shame what some shops will do to sell fish!
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    Tank Size

    Its a 130 ltr, theres a tank calculator at the top right of page.
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    Rio 240 Cichlid Tank

    totally agree with Ryan!
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    Generalife 3

    another cool tank! well done
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    Generalife 2

    lovely layout!
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    Generalife 1

    nice, I like it a lot!
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    New To Tff

    Hey Inga, im Brian welcome to tff, what fish do you keep?