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    Platy And Molly?

    both are
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    Spots On My Plants

    co2 reactors are a pain in the #17#####.... i have banana plants too and i just use aquarium pharmaciuticals (API) fertilizer. spots arent a big deal
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    Hiatus On Fish

    I am very sorry to hear of your pet's sickness. I'm sure that all in all you gave Tater a great life. Likewise to the above post, come back if you are ready. We understand your situation, and it's a tough one.
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    not for a little while. my angel breeding is going pretty well and im having eggs once a week from only three of them
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    my dad has saltwater!
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    A Game

    You can tell if a skunk is about if you smell only .000000000000071 ounce of its spray.
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    for that reason alone now i want salt water. anyone want 77 gallons of freshwater?
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    Discus Has Hole In The Tail...! ( Photos Added ) - ( Video Added )

    maybe it was just a thin area of skin and it was nipped and came off.....
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    i use rubber bands
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    How Much Water?

    i like to fill my tank all the way because my filter causes an annoying dripping noise. its also a good idea to because that means it will take longer for water to evaporate.
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    Top Gear

    there are other websites. try:
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    Top Gear

    just watch it online :good:
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    Constant High Ammonia Levels In Established Tank - Help!

    the intention of ammo lock is that it becomes a less harmful form of ammonia, and ammonia still shows up on tests. i would do bigger water changes
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    Need Some Help Finding A Fish Shop In Barcelona

    fish stores have good stuff in israel!
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    I Need Some Advise

    make of the car?