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    Guppies ;)

    yep ,your guppy is just nipping the algae.
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    Knife Livebearers

    wow, they look cool. are they easy to keep just like guppies?
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    Mosquito Fish?

    yep , they are very hardy and prolific fish. mine just keeps giving birth. I recommend keeping them with their own kind because they are sometimes aggressive and their tankmates would be outcompeted for food. to be successful,you just need to apply the same care with guppies. good luck.
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    Can I Put Newborns With My Other Fry?

    it's ok I have tried this by putting newborn with 1 month old fry and they are not bothered by it no chasing or whatsoever, they even compete for food with larger frys. Im not sure about the loach but if you want to get rid of algaes try putting snails,I put ramshorn snails with mine, they don't...
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    Super Aggressive Molly?

    I have female black molly who constantly chases my male dalmation molly for this past months but no damage on his scales or fins at all. I think mine is only playing. but I think you should separate him the stress might kill the gourami.
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    Breeding Guppies

    Breeding guppy is easy just remember to put more females. ideal ratio of male to female is 1:3 or 2:3.  put lots and lots of floating plants if you don't want to separate the mother so that the frys will hide and forage in them, examples of floating plants are hornwort, cabomba, anacharis and...
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    Platy Hiding All The Time

    maybe your other fish are chasing or annoying her and she is hiding from them?
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    Some Of My Guppies!

    wow, what kind of guppies.are those?
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    I've been searching videos and pictures about them last month,because they intrigued me and I think guppy and molly hybrid offspring are always male and sterile. 
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    My Molly

    he looks shy. 
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    What The Heck Is This Fish?

    yeah that's good i use the female feeder guppies as counterpart for my  male fancies because no one sells female fancies in here, maybe that's their strategy so i cannot breed them and will buy again at their store. based on my experience any lfs that sells feeder livebearers will have wild...
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    What Kind Of Platy Is This?

    thanks for the useful information! :D
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    What Kind Of Platy Is This?

      Thanks for the answer . He is the only male i got. he always chase the females especially the red mickey mouse platy,not sure if that's courting. my females are 2 mickey mouse and 1 full red platy. yay thanks for the info. im so glad that he's not sterile!
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    What Kind Of Platy Is This?

    Yep it looks like he got the swordtail body but without the sword and the color of a mickey mouse platy or dalmation platy perhaps but Im afraid that he's sterile. I've read somewhere that hybrids are sterile, is it true? Im worried because  I want the babies too look like him. he looks cool to me.
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    What Kind Of Platy Is This?

    thanks for those info about platys. I really wanted to know the exact type of my fish. He looks like a mix of those two but im not so sure because my platy's body is quite longer than those. Is it normal for mixed platys to have that shape of body?