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Feb 13, 2013
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I think the word filtering needs revising. I was posting about the son of god ( can't say his name as it is filtered to this Jesus ) as its Easter Sunday here and I think that words like Jesus should be unfiltered. Any agreeers or disagreers? Any other filtered words you'd like unfiltered?
#92### is filtered :L
OMG it is haha is that the pc brigade protecting the muslim community again (other religions are available please change as needed )
I think it's more than likely most people using that word will be doing so in a blasphemous way rather than discussing religion - at least that's what the filtering is trying to avoid.

I very much doubt it has anything to do with any other religion
It was a ridiculously tight-fisted previous mod who set that filter because they got ultra-offended by it's use, i'm gonna go ahead and hope i'm not crucified for saying that.... after all, it's only the truth.
It is based on religion yes, People will complain if it's unfiltered and the filter is there to be friendly to ALL ages.
Tight fisted or not Tuxyu3, the word was added to the filter for a reason and obviously a good enough reason that it still stands.
This is a forums for fish keepers and their hobbies, NOT a forum open for religious debate. If there is a risk of someone openly posting about religion in any old place, there is a risk of not just a big debate but a lot of upset too and this is a family friendly forum and not the place for it.
We should be able to except that other people have religious beliefs without having to hear about it. It isn't a hobby, isn't related to fish keeping, is guaranteed to cause upset and the word is better off unsaid.
Some countries use the term far more liberally than others; in some countries/religions it is far more offensive than it is in the general community... if it is offensive to anyone... it is better off left unsaid. It is perfectly ok to talk about easter without  starting a religious debate, if that's what you want... you are on the wrong forum.
Personally I don't see how Jesus could possibly be offensive to anyone, christian or otherwise. Let's try this out:

Not one of them are filtered
People could use god in vain too. Never heard someone say " oh my Zeus " before though. Lol.
This is a touchy subject already and should be dropped before it gets out of hand.
Maybe we should filter god then ;) (*clearly joking*)

BTW - I completely agree with you and as an atheist couldn't possibly be offended. But feel that anything that could cause offence should be avoided if possible - strict Christians would see its use as the breaking if the second commandment and its easier to bit upset anyone whether you agree with their views or not
oh my Zeus .... fantastic! i find that line hilarious... 
i agree that it needs to be friendly for all ages, and never knew that it was filtered... j.esus jesus, and if there are people that are using it to be offensive then wrong site to be on... this is an aquarium site and unless you have a very religious tank going on... then all the best to yea :D post pictures that'll be cool to see. 
Doesn't matter what the word is, if we find it used in an offensive way or find numerous people find it offensive, it will go on the banned list. There is no need to keep trying to find out ways to be offensive, it takes vey little common sense and consideration when you are writing to think about what might be offensive to others. If you aren't sure... then don't say it. If anyone feels the need to repeatedly offend people... well.. they can face the consequences. Simple as.
*and that goes for bypassing the filter as well. It is their for a reason... it is considered equally as bad if not worse to deliberately bypass the filters.
Auuauuuammll. Alright, I'll drop it. Don't use the word jesus much on a fish forum anyway.
techen said:
This is a touchy subject already and should be dropped before it gets out of hand.
Probably right.
Ciao, ( I love spanish words )
Unfortunately the word filter does not recognise content or sentence structure, there fore certain words when written will always come up as banned.
For whatever reasons the word has been banned there would have been a valid reason namely that if the word was being used blasphemously then its offensive, if used in another context then its regarding religion. And this is a family friendly forum about fish and pets not about religion or polictics, so really no need for it to be used.
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