Wishing everyone on TFF a HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Sep 23, 2013
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Happy New Year to all our fine members around the world. We've had many new members join TFF during 2023 and look forward to many more members finding our informative and entertaining forum during 2024. I consider our members as my fish family as we exchange information about fishkeeping and also discuss other happenings in our lives.

I'll just be staying home for New Year's eve. Maybe I'll pick up my favorite takeout food and find a good movie I can stream on my home theater setup next to my fish tank.
So what are you planning on doing for New Year's eve and New Year's day? Share your plans with your fish family here on TFF.

We will be announcing the winners of our Tank of the Year Tournament on New Year's day. The 12 best tanks on TFF for the 2023 year are competing for the TOTY title. Be sure to congratulate the winners on Monday.
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I will be watching the Ravens whip Miami. Then dinner with close friends and family. I’ll provide my fish, snails and shrimp with a special New Year Eve snack. Happy, healthy New Year’s to all my TFF buddies.
I plan to stay home and rest probably, Happy new year everyone! May it be full of fishies:fish:
Did anyone make a New Year’s resolution?
Happy New Year - I'm staying home to keep my dogs calm. Neighbors shoot off fireworks
Just put some headphones playing classical music on the dogs and they won't even notice the fireworks.

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