Wide fin Angels???

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
The angels I was looking at, got sold out before I could get any... so I was looking on the www. today, and ran across an Angel breeder / seller I had not seen before, & they had several varieties that had wide fins... I've never seen anything like this, from the other sellers, so it must be something just these guys were doing...
anyone ever seen wide fin Angels before???

Another line breeding trick I assume. I prefer Altums and they naturally can have wider fins so do other wild angels"


These are bred on the east coast USA... & I had just never noticed an Angel with fins that wide, from the sellers I've been looking at...
I'm out of the loop with linebred angel labels, mutations and deformitiess, but I used to keep and breed the old half black marble types. Having kept wild forms, I won't ever go back to selected breeder forms like that again.

20 years ago, those 'wide fin' angels were ordinary and standard. I used see that in about one in three "marble angels". It was a trait like the short dorsal long dorsal types, though I don't think anyone had bothered to put a name on them as something special. I thought it was nice if the dorsal was tall too, and thought it just kind of stumpy looking on low dorsal angels.
I have only ever wanted to keep two angel species/varieties. The first was a quality double dark black. I was given 6 small ones by a breeder. They looked like black velvet. I got a pair and they spawned and that was when I learned I did not want to breed angels, 500+ eggs in the first spawn.

I now have Altums which I love. However, they can be difficult to keep alive unless you can find one of the very rare folks who have managed to spawn them. I am having to sell them in order to greatly reduce my number of tanks and fish.

If you can get them, you might like the Rio Manapacaru red shoulders- they are a wild angel..


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