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Hi All,
Just been spending a bit of time browsing the net and cant seem to pinpoint a fish variety that will be suitable for my tank once cycling has complete.
150 Litre tank
Live plants
Unheated tank - Wish to start this tank without a heater.
My temp  has been as low as 22 C and today with the boiler being on i got 23.5C in the tank.
ive been reading minnow and the likes only function up to 22 C  and tropical fish start at 25C so can I ask what fish will cover this range of 22-23C and im sure that would rise in the summer??
Im happy to put any fish in there. Just want some that dont mind 22C and upwards.
I am willing to put a heater so it doesnt drop lower than 22 but not setting up a heater to keeep my tank cooking at 25 for example and cosing me £2 a week LOL
are neon tetra fish OK to keep at this temperature.... ive read up so many conflicting articles on the net some say 22-26 degrees is perfect for them........... is that true???
If so this would be my choice.
Also how many could you have in a 150 litre tank??

degrees C
As you say tropical fish are 25-28 if you arnt prepared to pay out for heater usage, which, by the way shouldnt cost you £2 a week then maybe you should consider a couple of goldfish, you can get some quite pretty ones, just bear in mind of the size they grow
phoenixgsd said:
As you say tropical fish are 25-28 if you arnt prepared to pay out for heater usage, which, by the way shouldnt cost you £2 a week then maybe you should consider a couple of goldfish, you can get some quite pretty ones, just bear in mind of the size they grow
I am sorry but I disagree - very few tropical fish need temperatures tht high in fact 28 would kill a lot of tropical fish

I think neons would be fine at 22/23c

The problem you would have is that neons are not the hardiest of fish and are often recommended for tanks >6 months old.

If you did have them in a species only tank you could easily fit 25-30 in

In answer to you initial question

I recommend finding a fish you like and searching for it on a reputable site like seriouslyfish.com to fin out its temperature requirements.

I think you'll find the majority of fish will be fine in those temperatures.

Obvious ones to stay clear of are rams, discus and some gourami.

Most tetras, barbs, Bolivian rams, corys will be fine at 22c +
25-28 is a fluxuating safe range for most tropical fish if you set you heater at 26 for example water temps can safely go a bit above and below this according to the outside temps, high range temps are often used to treat ich so no, 28 will not kill alot of tropical fish
I accept kill is probably strong - apologies

I think the word tropical fish is too wide a category to determine an ideal range. It really depends on what fish you have. 28c is 82f and I see about 5 posts a day on this site saying rams aret suitable for a community as there temperature range is much higher than most fish (it being 80f+)

For instance having looked at neon tetras on the above link it suggests a range of 21c to 26c
bloodfin tetras are awesome little fish, very nice shoalers (18-28C) 
redline torpedo (aka denison) barbs, get very big and require at least a 4 foot tank, but are lovely (15-25C)
checkered barb (20-25C)
For your needs, I think bloodfins (which are VERY easy to find) are probably the best option, and are also far hardier than neon tetras.
From: seriouslyfish.com
A good beginner’s tetra, as it’s a hardy species that will adapt to a relatively wide range of conditions. In a well-insulated house it can even be kept in an unheated tank, although it won’t be as colourful as when kept in warmer water.
my tank dimensions are
H = 430mm
D = 430mm
Is that ok for keeping little fish like Tetras??
Yes almost all tetras will be fine in a tank that size.

Personally I wouldn't get anything that has an adult size greater than around 6-8cm - especially for active shoaling species. Obviously the smaller the species the more you can have.
Your tank is perfect for bloodfin tetras, which ironically look similar to White Cloud Mountain Minnows.
I read an interesting article not too long ago, just to put it out there, about heaters in tropical fish tanks, whose thesis was that we overheat our tanks because a) temperature is never stable in nature due to weather, b) river temperatures change from creek to larger rivers based one access to light and other such variables.  And also, we stress our fish, the author claimed, by keeping them constantly in breeding condition because breeding is seen as happening when conditions are best but in fact fish do not breed constantly in nature but fluctuate seasonally. I don't know how sound the research is, it didn't seem to have much, mostly just conjecture and so, while I have not unplugged my heater yet, the thought is interesting.  Should ask the question in the science forum.  Maybe they would have something useful to add to the conversation.  Not that one should keep cold water fish with tropical fish by keeping the temps too high for one and too low for the other.  But variation may not be as bad as we imagine.  In fact, it is hard to believe any fish living in water where the temperature does not fluctuate at all [just think about rain water, it must drop the temperature of a body of water...].

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