Whats Your Best Expierience With Fish


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Jun 13, 2012
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my best fish expierience was when my friends dads pet shop was closing down i know its sad but he let me take 4 already set up tanks with fish in them 2 saltwater 2 freshwater for 10 bucks each but then my dad found out that he was closing so my dad decided to buy the petstore and hire my friends dad and make him manager of it and i pretty much worked there when i was 13 i was to be the guy who baged the fish and gave the info on the fish but know body listened to me so my brother had to give it to them because i didnt want to sell to them but like 2 days later the same people would come back and get mad at me for no reason even though i told them it wouldnt make it but now when my dad gave it to me last year i made the top floor into my house and thats my story whats yours

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