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May 13, 2023
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Hello everyone,
A little bit of backstory - I set up my first fish tank a couple weeks ago. I got a used sponge filter from a friend, and cycled the tank quickly (ammonia and nitrites disappeared and nitrates showed up after adding the filter). I bought a small blue mystery snail last week, and got a betta from my friend on Saturday. Betta settled in well, everything seemed to be going perfectly.
However, since I added Remy (betta) the mystery snail hasn't moved as much as he was before. Then, this morning, I saw Remy snap at the snail's antenna. I know the antenna grow back but I don't want my mystery snail to be stressed/scared of being attacked all the time. And I'm also scared that Remy will accidentally bite the snail's eye too.
So my question is, what do I do now? I really like the snail and I've always wanted a mystery snail, so while I do have a LFS that would take him, it would be a last resort for me. I just spent quite a bit of money on Remy's tank so I'm not super enthusiastic about spending a lot of money setting up a mystery snail tank too. Any suggestions?
Sorry that was long, any advice is appreciated, thanks!
Betta are pretty inquisitive fish, also territorial. It either looked like a tasty worm at the time or moved in to its area. Be sure he has enough food, hand feeding him or use tweezers to dangle his food at the top of the tank, get him used to eating from your hand and distract him slightly from the snail. Perhaps if he's had enough to eat he may leave snail alone.
Add plants and or ornaments for the snail to stay out of vision.
He may get used to it eventually.
My fighters never seem to bother snails but I have seen and heard snail attacks can be common if your Betta is particularly an aggressive one.
In my experience bettas usually do fine with snails, but they each have their own personalities. Once the betta decides that taking a swipe at the snail is a good idea, you probably aren't going to stop him. Bettas are by nature solitary. It might be necessary to rehome one of them.
Thank you both! Unfortunately I caught Remy snapping at the snail again, and the snail hasn't been out of his shell since. I think I'm going to take the snail to my LFS tomorrow, since he'll be much happier and less stressed. Thanks again!
Sounds like you have a particularly feisty betta! It's a shame as they can sometimes live peacefully with snails but you're doing the right thing.
I had one Betta who figured how how to flip ramshorn snails and eat them as they fell. As a snail disliker, I appreciated his talent.

Snails are food to them, and if they don't take advantage, they are very inbred and not very bright, I'm sorry to say. Wild Betta splendens are not snail tolerant, with small pond snail types they can attack.

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