What is wrong with HER!

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May 2, 2004
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England (Bedfordshire)
I have tried everything that i can think of, but Coral, my first swordtail, first to give birth out of all my fish, after when she got attacked by my first Red tail balck shark, she doesnt seem all right, she has recovered from her ordeal, but she looked sluggish...

Her fins are clamped against her body, now i have treated her with Bactiral Control, Methenely blue (Sp?) and revitalising tonic and she still seem down in the dumps... She regularly flicks herself off objects, even the gravel, and i have treated the water with Methenely blue (Sp?) some many times i dont get what is wrong with her, someone please help me, or importantly her, i really dont want to lose her

Is she still living with her attacker? It could be stress :( Do you have another tank you can move her to?
I got rid of the red tail black shark a long time ago, he was too voilent towards her, but she doesnt seem to be alright, not as swimful as she used to be
Well, there's really not much you can do as far as medicating goes. You just have to try and make her snap out of it. Personally, I would do a large water change and up the temp to 80 or so. Adding some salt may help (mollies love salt anyway!)... BUT...I see she lives with neons and a plec and they have zero tolerance for salt. So maybe remove her and give her a salt bath.

Also try rearranging to give her a new sense of security.
Ummm, well i will have to wait til the two baby fry in my hex tank are big enough to go in my 2 foot tank, and then put her in there, are you sure about the salt, i really dont want to kill her, and i have never done a salt bath before either


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