What is the significance of a "potted plant"


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Jan 26, 2008
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Aquarium plants that are sold in shops, are usually grown in green houses. They put cuttings into pots of gravel or hydroponic media and fertilise them heaps. The plants usually grow rapidly (up to 1 or 2 inches per day), and when they are ordered by a shop, the pot gets picked up and sent to the shop.

Sometimes shops order plants in pots and sometimes they order cuttings. The supplier will take cuttings and might leave them separate or tie a group of cuttings together with a lead weight or rubber band.
Sometimes the supplier has run out of a particular plant in a pot but a shop still wants that plant. So the supplier gets some cuttings and ties them together and puts them in a pot to make it look like a potted plant.

Cuttings are cheaper than potted plants because they are taken when needed and don't get grown on in pots with media.

As a general rule, potted plants normally do better than cuttings because they have a developed root system, whereas cuttings have no roots.
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Jun 2, 2019
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Glad I've been doing something more or less right LOL. I remove them from the pots, put a lead weight around them if they don't already had one and let the roots take hold (some fish and my arms are not always too cooperative about keeping them planted. What is always cool is to see the identical plant (small version) pop up a few inches away from it's original mother plant. I've been working with "regular plant" especially carnivorous plants for years and they just die, and die and die. But put growing aquarium plants makes me look like I have a really green thumb. Thanks for the advice everybody!


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