What are you doing today?

Today I'm feeling good that I don't work as a cook anymore! Mother's Day is, by far, the busiest day of the year for most restaurants.
That is a fact . Mother’s Day has always been busy for restaurants . Back in the 70’s I was a busboy in high school and the place I worked at had a rule . EVERYBODY works on Mother’s Day . No ifs , and or buts about it .
We are cleaning up the mess from the hat watewr tank leaking. Our house has no basement and the furnace and water and hot water tanks are all in a utility closet in the kitchen. So the wood fllors in the kucthen on the clncrete slab are soaked. There is no hot water and we have to replace the water heater and the entire kitchen floor.

Just what needed. We already have to remove a thru the wall AC and patch up the wall and also replace the AC that replaced the thru the unit which we stopped using. Plus the flter for the pool has died and that has to be replaced as well. We are looking at a small fortune being spent.

Lately between my health, people passing away and the house falling apart life is just dandy. ANd then there is getting rid of most of my fish. The water heater will be replaced tomorrow but all the kitchen floor, some of the sheetrock walls and maybe a large tall kitchen cabinat or two. Oh yeah, the freezer half of the fridge is also broken so we have to replace the fridge as well.

Anybody want to buy a house? 😵‍💫
As an old house owner I feel your pain. We went through septic and boiler in couple month period.

If I might suggest …. Hab
be your installer install the heater on a pan with a drain hole. Pipe the pan to your drain line or outside.
As an old house owner I feel your pain. We went through septic and boiler in couple month period.

If I might suggest …. Hab
be your installer install the heater on a pan with a drain hole. Pipe the pan to your drain line or outside.
New house , old house , any house . They can all be a money pit at times and it usually comes in three's . We are getting a new roof this week . The insurance came through pretty good but it’s still going to be a big out of pocket expenditure .
The nature of the house doesn't allow for that, We are a split level built on a s slab. No basement. We had to blast to put in the pool in the early 70s. I garden and I could have used dynamite for that too. All of the duct work for the central heating and AC is under the slab. To move a duct outlet years ago, which is flat on the floor, we had to use a jack-hammer to open up the floor.

We have wood tile floors which have an 1/8 inch styro on the underside to provide bit of insulation. The water went under them in the kitchen. All of the kitchen floor will need to be replaced as over time the tiles compress some. But due to the water those theer will swell and not shrink back fully. New tiles and old ones, especially those soaked with be different heights making tripping traps.

This happen once before about 40 years ago. The flood was worse and some sleeped into the liding room/living roome area and thery also replace the entire floor there as well. We already filed a claim with out insurance co. We keep the place well insured including excess liability of the home and both cars. We are not getting sued into poeverty in our "golden years" which are feeling more and more like lead years lately........

My plan today was to do big work on the 150 which mneeds it badly. I have not done regular maint on it in over 2 weeks due first to other issues and then a recent COPD flare up. I have not figured out how to do things without air in my lungs. The meds are fixing it though but the lack of hot water means I cannot do a 75 gal. water change on an 80F tank.
Second thing I did today... well third if you include watching a baseball game. ;) Decided to do a photo shoot for some new residents at my apartments. Was only able to get mom today which is fitting as it IS mother's Day.

We gonna have baby robins soon. :) The nest is in the rafters of an overhang over the front entrance to the building. Don't know why but robins seem to like to nest around the building. Several years ago we and a nest on a ladder in a partial enclosure for the A/C unit behind the apartments. Good for the maintenance guy at the time as it wasn't all that convenient to lose a ladder but he was at the top of the list of people that insisted that the beasties be left alone.


Plumbers came and are fetching the new water heater. Insurance adjuster called and talked to. Construstion guy coming late this afternoon to assess any potential damage to a kitchen cabinet and some sheetrock walls that may has sucked up water.

Insurance doesn't cover the equipment but will cover the flow and the rest. All they wanted to know is if the claim would be less than $25,000. I am thinking even less than $10,000. But we have had our family insurance with Chubb going back to the 1950s or early 60s. We have paid them a small fortune since we do the home, the cars the valuable articles and excess liability.

Our parents built this house in 1961. This is the second time this has happened since then. We were lucky and caughtit early so the damage did not extend into the next room which it did the first time. They covered new floors for the dining and living room area as well as the kitchen.

The good and the bad from this is without hot water I cannot change tank water,so I got a vacation from that for a couple of days. the bad is I am way overdue on tank work in a few tanks :( Sorry my good fishies, hang in there it will be better soon......

edited to add the update below

We have a new water heater installed. The water is heating. Next comes the construction people to check for other damage and then we need a flooring Co. to replace the entire kitchen floor. Oh Joy :<
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3:30 PM this afternoon and the roofers are gone . Our new roof is completely done in less than a day ! We went with a local roofing contractor that’s been in town for thirty years so if we ever have a problem we don’t have to wonder .
Always worth an extra buck to deal local and two more to hire a pro.
I'm posting from a hidden bunker somewhere underneath the brick and steel of a nondescript building myself. Btw - love Rowan Atkinson as Johnny English! Anyway, today I'm playing Torn Browser Based game while working remotely. Yesterday I made my profile sig. Holy smokes Morganna! You have a good eye. My favorite photo is the preying mantis, being that they are my fav insect and I have a "boxer" mantis as a pet. :)
Been trying to find my passport for this weekend, I had it when I filled out paperwork for the doctor in Spain but misplaced it. Of course I can find my NZ passport, which expired last month but not my US passport 🤦‍♀️
Getting over being totally embarrassed... Riding my bicycle to the store and my way too long sweat pants got caught up around the peddle and I couldn't get it loose. A cop stopped and cut me loose. Now I just need to cut the other leg to match and they will actually be the right length for me.

LOL! One of those things that was totally hilarious but not at all funny. ;)

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