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What are you doing today?

Covering another store today that is an extra 45 minutes away from my home location. Got the phone call at like 10:30am that no one showed up the location.
opening the back of my house to inspect more pipes. Since they are in the wall and I have crappy vinyl siding, the outside is easier than taking my kitchen apart
I do have a sales tax number, an employer ID number, etc, but short of being in the trades that require licensing - like electrician or veterinarian, I've never heard of a business license

This makes sense to me , An LLC limited liability corporation with many more regs than a proprietorship which is basically a business tax number. Is it different in NJ and leftcoast?
I have sole proprietorship but still need a license more than just personal tax number etc
I think I fixed the leak between the cabinet floor and what was formerly my house floor under the kitchen sink. Spent a couple of hours crawling around under my pier and beam but now every pipe in that vicinity has been checked, the one leak that I was sure of is fixed and next week the wood can be fixed, after I confirm tomorrow that all is dry.. I am so tired
I'm working with PHP and MySQL to build a new website partition for a BOINC team in England.

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