Weird fish for small tank?

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Dec 23, 2018
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Hey it's been so long since i've posted here haha-
just recently tore down my crayfish tank and ended up with a newly scaped and planted 10(ish, on the larger side but definitely not 15) gallon tank with no residents!
i'm having a hard time finding some things to stock it with that aren't just tiny tetras and livebearers and i've kept way too many already lol.
are there any oddball, weird, rare, or otherwise nice looking but unusual fish that won't destroy my plants and don't get too big? maybe a breeding pair of something? i could feed the fry to my bichirs, they love angel fry lol.
i've worked at a fish store for over 3 years now so i definitely see some weird stuff come in but it's impossible to see everything! even so, i'd ask that any responses exclude basic or easy to find fish as i'm already pretty experienced with them and was looking for something a bit more challenging...if there's anything that would work
I have a couple Amazon puffers in a 10 gallon by themselves very personable , when they see me, they come begging for food… I bet you could feed them by hand, but a tool is probably advised, as they carry a poison
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If you can set up with lots of plants and hidey holes (I drilled tunnels through driftwood) the various Badis species are beyond weird. They first appear to be red or blue tiny fish that act like Cichlids, but with their size they can thrive in well maintained smaller tanks, and their behaviour makes them great fish watching. Their weirdness is in their behaviour.

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