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Put the trombone down, *****!
Jul 18, 2004
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In the kitchen sink...
Can shrimps go in brackish water, I was just wondering, because I'm thinking of adding some with my GSPs and I was thinking, will they go with bracish. You see, I was thinking along the lines of getting some really cheap and then putting them in, I don't really care if they get eaten, I just need something to clean up and I've heard these are great!
Ok, read several articles. Seems there are several species that are freshwater, and several that are brackish. But that's all they mentioned :/

Oh. Strange. Thanks anyway, I'll take a look now, unless anyone else thinks of one, its just I didn't want to have to do loads of research, if I could find it quickly here.
Great, thats cool. I was just wondering, I saw some shrimps labelled in my lfs as Algae Eating Shrimps, has anyone had any experience with them or not?

BTW, I don't really care if my puffers eat them, I just hope they get a good clean in first! :blink: :D
From what I hear about puffers, they eat fast, and a lot :lol: So the shrimp might not get their job done, unless you get too many for the puffer to handle :D
Go here Sirminions pics of his fahaka puffer attacking shrimp :lol: I know they're two different types of puffer, but I've had figure 8s, so I know how the brackish puffers can get. Maybe you could get an algae scraper?
Yeah, but would it live in brackish, also, they are pretty expensive, so I'll hunt around for a cheaper price. I need something that would stand brackish conditions, I'll keep searching if no one knows anything.
The scientific name is Cardinia Japonica, I found a load of information, but none telling me whether or not it is a brackish water shrimp, some help is required!
You could try some amano shrimps. (Cardinia Japonica) They get to around 2 inches, prefer brackish water and have moderate to high algae eating capabilities.

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