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We have 8 very cute pets entered into the Novmeber 2023 Pet of the Month Contest. View all the pets and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for POTM and then click the "cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific pet in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted.

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Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.

Poll will close on November 25th at 4 PM ET (US).
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All righty *cracks knuckles*

Lemme introduce you my family’s latest impulsive decision: Kaia May Rose.

She is a four month old miniature Klee Kai! 7 pounds of floppy razor sharp teeth who is not afraid to state her opinion.

We had contacted her breeder 8 years ago to join the queue, and it didn’t end up panning out bc we ended up going with a different breeder to get our first Klee Kai, Ellie. Well. We started to get the puppy tingles again, and we ended up reaching out to the breeder again, who actually remembered us. Submitted a second application and a couple days later we’d secured our third pup.

She’s floppy, has no depth perception, has had enough close calls with falling off stairs that we had to put up puppy gates, loves my Bellzi plushies so much that when you catch her chewing them and say ‘no’ she throws herself dramatically down and screams, is by far the hardest to potty train out of all four dogs we’ve ever had, has an absurd obsession with biting noses with her lack of strength control and razor sharp teeth, apex predator of puzzle pieces and shoes, and an absolute menace to our two grown dogs and I wouldn’t have her any other way 😂
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This is my leopard gecko, Gilfred.
He is almost 3 months old, and I got him at the beginning of September.
He sleeps throughout most of the day, but is active and eating at night.
He weighed 4 grams when we got him at 1 week old, but now weighs 21 grams.
He doesn’t mind being held, but can be feisty at times.
The main diet of leopard geckos is mealworms and crickets. I feed him a variety of insects such as mealworms (staple), Dubia roaches, darkling beetles, etc.
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The POTM card was not well accepted- the first time she ate it and the second, as you can see, she was not impressed. The other pic is her putting on her best 'Fish for the world's cutest doggo?' face 🤣

What do you get when you cross the speed of a champion greyhound, the herding skill of a collie, the brains of Albert Einstein, the catch of a world-class fielder (or whatever the alternative in baseball is, Americans out there) and the cuteness and craziness of... well, you can't compare the cuteness to anything, it's just that cute. And as to craziness, it's off the scale. Anyway, you get an Australian kelpie.

This is Hazel, our one-and-a-half year old pure-breed Kelpie, who is the sweetest, craziest and most loving dog to ever exist (she's even the vet's favourite ;)). She eats absolutely anything that will fit in her mouth, including rocks, bits of pot that she broke, leather couch, leather couch stuffing, sticks (I feel like dogs are meant to fetch sticks, but she fetches it then eats it), bananas, ratsac (something that's definitely not great for her health, we had to take her to the vet for that one, luckily it wasn't much), and her ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE, fish. People say cats like fish, but they've obviously never met Hazel.

We decided (after never having a dog but very much wanting one my entire life) one Monday that dogs were pretty cool and by Wednesday we had a puppy in our house. She’s meant to be an outside dog, but she’s weaselled her way inside (still has to sleep outside, though).

She's terrified of water, mildly scared of chickens (but she does like to herd them) and would not wear out at all even if you ran with her for an entire day. To combat this issue, we hit her balls as far as we can with a tennis rachet, which she’ll catch as long as it wasn’t over 150m away or higher than 15m in the air. She’ll still have tons of energy, but you do what you can. She’s also one of the smartest dogs you’ll ever meet, but she does like to act dumb sometimes if she’s in trouble (but mostly she just knows what she did, put her head in her paws, whines, and then rolls over as an act of submission or plea for forgiveness/tummy rubs, who knows which). A true people dog, if someone or some-dog walks past she’ll start whining her head off to say hello, and choke herself on the lead to get to them, and is a big cuddler and licker. We often say if there was a burglar she’d be excellent because she’d lick ‘em to death.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel the need to inform you of some facts about the future president/prime minister/leader of the free world 😊.
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This is my Leopard Gecko named Pasha, She's 4 months old and I got her when she was at the tiny 2 month old stage. I got it as a birthday gift for myself as I've always wanted reptiles but never got to keep any, she's my first.

I feed her superworms, 6 a day. Occasionally I would feed dubias and crickets... Those are supposedly staple diets but they're like impossible to get here.

She's always in her little coconut hide until I go up to the tank where she would crawl out to greet me, asking for food. She doesn't mind me holding her but for some reason refuses others to hold her. She's a Tangerine Bell het Radar, she's a albino so she has pretty bad eyesight, I have to tweezer feed her and put the food right at her face, she's pretty bad at hunting unless the insect is pretty bad at moving
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WhatsApp Image 2023-11-13 at 4.43.47 PM.jpeg

Meet Muffin! He is my 5 month old Holland Lop rabbit. I got him at a private pet store about a month and a half ago and I am so glad I did! He was very shy at first and now has developed way more attitude than I thought possible. He litter trained in a week, absolutely loves chewing on anything, including me. :huh: He doesn't like to be picked up too much but he does love to lay next to me and get pets! He absolutely adores getting and giving kisses. Whenever he gets mad at me, he thumps loudly several times and and gives feet flicks, including when I don't give him enough treats! He'll go so far as to make a ton of noise when I'm sleeping to get attention/treats. I tried introducing a bunny friend but he made it clear that he wants to be the only child. He loves his berry treats and crunchy carrot chews and is favorite toy is a ball that he throws around with his mouth and pounces on.
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This picture tho!! He's actually in mid yawn here. This isn't the pic I had originally planned on entering but it's about as candid as one can get!!
Introducing my sweet mini panther, Sir Squeeks Alot. He is an 8 month old domestic long hair rescue kitty. He weighs 10.44 lbs per our Vet visit a couple of days ago. I rescued him 3 days after my 17 year old Sasha Gurl passed away. #ripmysashagurl❤️ He's my Emotional Support Animal who has helped me tremendously and I can't imagine life without him.

I have been doing tons of research on cat behaviors and interpreting body language and it has made a huge difference in the bond we share. He's very confident and happy. He has so much attitude!! First cat I've ever had that doesn't "make biscuits", also known as kneading. Makes me wonder how his first couple of weeks of life went. All I know is that the rest of his life is filled with love, love and more love ❤️.

He's super smart and super active. I haven't had a kitten in 17 years and he's definitely keeping me on my toes!! We've been leash training. Of course he hated it at first, but since he figured out that harness/leash = going outside, he's decided that it's not so bad. He will give me high fives for a treat. It took him a little bit to figure that out, now he'll give me one before I even ask! Then I got a bell and within 3 days he was ringing it for treats. Ultimate training goal, is to be able to take a walk along the shore line with him alongside me. He's such a cool cat!!

My Fluffy Butt Squeeky Squeeks 🐈‍⬛😻
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Wulfwarro the wookie, was named for a wookie because he howled like a wookie the first time I crated him so I could go to work when he was 3 months old. I adopted him just before he was headed for the pound on August 14, 2018, his mama was a rottie and daddy is questionable, never had DNA run. He is a great dog, and let me take his picture without eating the paper. He no longer howls exactly like a wookie but he is part of my morning chorus alarm clock when I don't set a regular one. Pics are today, not great but I have to go to work. if I have to retake with the year it will be a few hours
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