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We have 6 very cute pets entered into the May 2023 Pet of the Month Contest. View all the pets and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for POTM and then click the "cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific pet in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted.

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Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.

Poll will close on May 30th at 4:00 PM ET (US).
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Meet Graygray, my little duckie. She is about a year old and I raised her from an egg. We do not know what species of duck she is though! She is very talkative and won't ever stop talking when you come near her. She had siblings, but we didn't have enough space for 8 birds in our run, so we gave them away. She currently lives with four chickens, and she gets along with them great, and we get a beautiful big duck egg from her every day!
Thanks for reading and good luck to all other entrants!

Meet Stella my spoiled pups. We got her a few years ago after she was found in Mexico as a stray. She had recently had puppies but sadly the shelter couldn’t find them. Now though she is a very sweet little dog. She loves going under the covers and waking me up in the morning. Her favorite things are belly rubs, she is constantly rolling over and whining until she gets pet, she likes to lick, and make monkey noises.
Thank you for reading, and good luck to everyone!
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Here's my Eresus Cinnanberinus female spider. Her name is Eilish (she has matching names with me male Eresus Cinnaberinus, Billie 🤪 😂). She's pretty large for her species and she's THE CUTEST thing. Who doesn't love a cute chunky spood 🥹 (actually most people but yaahh LOL). I honestly don't know why people don't see how cute they are!! 😅
I keep her in a 2-gallon container with peat substrate, dried moss, wood, sticks, and a coconut cave. I feed her 2 or 3 times a week with mealworms, crickets, and moths. They're a fascinating species and I'm still learning a lot about them. I've always wanted a pet spider and I'm so happy I can have her and Billie!! 🥰
Hope you like her as much as I do!
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This is Sylvia, one of my guinea pigs! She’s an American Shorthair, and she just turned 3 years old!
I got her when she was only a few months old. She was born in a rodent mill, and she, along with many other guinea pigs, was rescued and put up for adoption in a shelter.
Despite being mistreated where she was born, she’s the most affectionate guinea pig that I’ve ever owned. She’s always happy for a cuddle and often falls asleep on me. She was one of my first guinea pigs, and it was adopting her that inspired my love of all animals, and inspired me to become a vegetarian. She lives in a 16 sq. ft. C&C cage with her ‘little sister’ Snickerdoodle (who we adopted after Sylvia’s best friend passed from old age)

I hope this wasn’t too long lol, thanks for reading! Good luck, all the other contestants are adorable! 🥰
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