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We have 9 very cute pets entered into the March 2024 Pet of the Month Contest. View all the pets and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for POTM and then click the "cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific pet in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted.

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Please Note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

You are allowed to change your vote if you wish.

Poll will close on March 30th 2024 at 4 PM ET (US).
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Third times the charm? This time I elected to just out a really trash picture of this equally trash gremlin at the end of her first ever hike (which she hated every step of the way)

“You DARE make Kaia WET?? You make Kaia DIRTY? Shame! Shame on you! Curse you for a thousand years!”
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This is Belle, my very sassy, very cheeky but VERY loveable cockapoo (cross between a cocker spaniel and a standard poodle).
Belle is 5 years old and she was my first love! She has been by my side through everything. Belle is 100% convinced that I am merely her service human, and my purpose on this planet is to serve her and nothing else 😅 She loves to be pampered and fussed over and is fully convinced that she is the centre of every humans universe and I wouldn’t have her any other way. She makes she so happy every minute of the day ❤️ Belle LOVES her fish friends and spends hours just watching them. Here’s Belle 4 years ago when we bought our first ever fish - she was mesmerised! It was love at first site for her 😅
As you can see she was disgusted at being woken up to hold a sign saying “TFF POTM” 😅
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Eeeee, this is my first contest I’m entering! I’m going to share Cupid, my campbell’s dwarf/winter white hybrid hamster.
He’s very dear to me and I’ve had him for his whole life. He’s nearing two years in age, so he’s getting pretty old. Unfortunately we probably don’t have much more time left together, but I adore him and love on him while I can!

Cupid loves popcorn, mealworms, blueberries, and cheese. He’s always been hard of hearing but it’s been getting worse as he ages. Luckily he doesn’t need to listen out for predators, just me refilling his food. ;)

Sometimes at night I’ll catch him sitting by the end of his enclosure watching my shrimp tank. He’s made some long-distance friends!

Not only that, but Cupid loves to get outside time. I stand over him and watch, keeping and eye out for predators like hawks or safety hazards for the little guy. He has a great time eating bugs, seeds, and flowers.

I cherish every day I get with this sweet, fluffy old man. I hope he does too!
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The story of BUSTER B BLACK

Buster is a Bug, just another name for a made up breed. He is a cross of Boston Terrier and Pug and was rescued from being euthanized 8 years 1 month and 2 days ago. He is my best buddy.

We "found" Buster when attending an auction. A lady who will remain unamed was delivering a couple of dogs to buyers, (not auctioned just being delivered). We had 6 months previously lost our Aussie to cancer of the spleen. I asked one of the buyers what the story was> She introduced me to the "breeder" and I enquired about a purchase. She said there was one puppy left but it was not for sale because it was defective and he was scheduled to be euthanized at the vet on Monday, this was Friday night. I asked what was wrong with this defective dog and after some sputtering, (embarrassment?) she said she could not really explain but had a picture I could see. I called Linda over and the lady popped a photo onto her phone. I was expecting a dog with a tail growing from its head or some other deformity. After passing the phone between Linda and me I asked her what was wrong with the dog, he looked perfectly fine. "I am breeding these Bugs to be sable and he is blacl" was the direct quote from this woman. Linda and I were appalled and offered to purchase on the spot. Lady said no, she could not risk the breed being polluted. To shorten the story I harangued her for the rest of the evening. She relented and agreed to bring the puppy too Linda's antique store the following morning. Much to our surprise she arrived promptly on time, took our money and left.

Buster has grown into one handsome dude and is my football buddy. He has his own recliner next to mine and enjoys crackers with peperoni and cheese on football Sundays. Since the pond was installed he spends his summer/fall days circling it looking for frogs and snakes both of which he stares down until they leave or hide. He then continues the guard duty.

Buster B Black says hello to all.
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Gille Dubh in his best supermodel pose. He is definitely worth it. Born blind and brought in to be euthanised at 7wks I brought him home instead. We use the glasses if he is out in the sun as his pupils don’t constrict so we worry about sun damage. If we’re wandering through a forest, he doesn’t have to wear them. 8yrs old now.

Quite a lot of people have told us we’re cruel and should have let him be pts, but if you saw him out being a nutter off lead you would never know he’s blind. So, don’t pass by a blind pet if you think you can give it a great home. They train up very easily to commands. I.e. we have careful - he stops until we tell him what to do, or goes slower. Stop - he stops, left and right - as you’d expect, up and down - good for stairs/kerbs etc, here, heel etc
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Whiskers was a foster fail. He was probably a feral kitten rescued from the streets. I'll never know how he ended up rescued by a local organization, vetted and put in petsmart adoptions in early spring 2022. In June 2022 I got a call asking if I had room for a foster. Adoptions at Petsmart had closed due to a parvo outbreak and he spent about 3 months all alone with few to no visitors. The lady brought Whiskers over in a carrier, we went in the grandkids guest room, closed the door, petted the kitty, he hopped out of our laps, and went into the box springs under the bed to live for 6 months. He came out to eat and drink. I installed a kitty-cam to see him on the security system as he reclined on the bed and looked out the window. Gradually he started coming out when I came in the room to feed the fish. He came come out of his shell even more after I adopted the little black kitten with him in my messy kitchen. He now greets people and seeks attention, pets and of course snacks. I adopted Whiskers when he needed his eye checked by an opthamologist and the rescue had spent enough on a cat that probably wouldn't adapt well to a new home. He's here to stay. (none of my cats are allowed outdoors - coyotes eat the local cats) please ignore messy floor, it's pond season, I've been working
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This is Frank my staffordshire bull terrier. He is 4 in May, first time having the breed and I will always have one now I think.
He is daft as a brush, lazy, loving, vocal and pretty much like my shadow. We lost our other male dog Enzo last July aged 5 with cancer so Frank has lost his play mate as our other dog Maggie just doesnt want to play.
Frank sleeps about 23 hours a day, farts constantly, likes sleeping under the duvet and wakes me up with a big lick and a cuddle. People walking their dogs often think hes going to attack them but hes dead loving and friendly and has been bitten by a few smaller dogs when hes on lead and never retaliates.
He loves people and anyone who comes to the house he instantly becomes best friends with them
He is ace and my wife refers to him as my son! :)
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This is Daisy Mae, she is 11 years old, she likes to help with the decorating! She is a Brussels Griffon (I never heard of one either). When our Golden Retriever rescue Misty passed away, Max our other Golden rescue was lost. We found a Golden at a local shelter up for adoption and when we saw “Roxy” it was love at first sight! After we fell in love with her, the shelter happened to mention that by the way, she has a ”buddy”. Out from the back came this little ball of fur so happy to see her Roxy she couldn’t contain herself. How could we possibly do to these two what we were trying to fix for our Max? There was no way we were going to allow them to be separated. Let’s just say it wasn’t a buy one get one free deal. It was buy one by two deal! Well, Max(16)and Roxy(13)have since passed. This little ball of fur has become my shadow and my heart ❤️. I never owned a little dog before, however, I don’t know what I would do without this little one in my life.
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