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This is my 10 gallon tank. I have had it for about a year now. It is a bit overstocked at the moment but I’m working on it.
6 black neon tetras
4 neon tetras
4 serpae tetras
2 red and yellow von rio tetras ( flame tetra )
2 Amazon swords
1 Anubias nana petite
1 Red myrio
1 Golden creeping Jenny
1 Java fern
2 Cryptocoryn ( specific kind unknown )

I am planning on re-homing the 4 serpae tetras soon since I recently found out they are aggressive. The tank has a substrate of fluval plants substrate and white sand. I am thinking about getting a hill stream loach and red root floaters for coverage but I am not sure yet and I would have to re-home the serpae tetras first in order to introduce a new fish. Another thought I have would be to upgrade this tank to a 29 but I haven’t really though to much about it yet. I hope you like my tank it is still a work in progress for sure.
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My Killifish Walstad Tank
AGE: 2 Months
HEATER: 50w Heater
SAND: Quikrete Pool Filter Sand
DIRT: Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil

Orange Neocaridina Shrimp.
4 Clown Killifish
Pest Snails

Duckweed(not by choice)
Dwarf Sag
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click on video below
My daughter's Fluval Flex 15 gallons (currently cycling, only contains snails)
Update: pictures from today.
Tank is a all-in-one kit from Fluval, so nothing special there.
Light is on a timer with 8 hours period, tank has been setup for 8 days, substrate is top soil mixed with gravel, bagged then capped with white sand.

When it'll be ready it will house 5 pigmy cories, a handful of blue diamond shrimps, and some guppies.
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This is my 10 gallon aquarium. It has been setup a bit over a year.


It used to be a 5 gallon aquarum but then i obtain some a. pucallpaensis and had to become more serious.
The current population is 3 a. pucallpaensis adult; one older fry - around 4 monhts; and 10 to 15 younger frys around 2 month (the frys grow very slow - around 1/3 adult size after 4ish months). Dad is still always scared of me and hides in the back. There are also some p. shelfordii in there as well as 2 mystery snails and shrimps. In the back you can see the m. moss ball has leached onto the drift wood and completely coated it as well as the heater and left sponge filter. in front there are various crypts and anubia and on the top pearl weed and hornworth. I used to have gazzillion amount of pearl weed but then one day the mystery snail became hungry and ate it all - they can eat a massive amount when hungry so i added some hornworth and the remaining pearl weed hides in the hornworth (much like a fry hides from a predator). About once a month i have to throw away 2/3 of the hornworth and what you see now is after a massive thinning 2 weeks ago - so yea it grows fairly fast. Each Saturday i do a 60ish% water change. Btw a. pucallpaensis are not polygamous - well the male doesn't mind the extra female but the female does and she killed one (i had purchased 4 unsexed and ended up with 3 females and 1 male; now i have 2 females and a male). Most of the crypts are at least 2 years old (previously in the 5); so they grow fairly slow in this aquarium but grow they do. The grass has also been there over 2 years and it is slowly growing - nothing really seems to die - just very slow growth compared to my 40B.

Some of the various crypts I have in there are nurii rosen; wendtii green, nurii phang, something random someone gave me, ... those are on the side so the photo doesn't really emphasize them but they have a lot of nice structure. Actually the wendtti is in front rightish near the aponogenton. oh and there is an e. opacus in the back that sent up a new leaf the other day. Lovely plant highly recommended. Probably should start another thread with closeup of each interesting plant. Maybe not plants is something i love but i know a lot of people find them boring.

In about 40 days most of my a. pucallpaensis will be added to a 48inchx48inch aquarium with some new blood and other stuff - probably Biotodoma wavrini and Pterophyllum leopoldi and then they will have lots of room - the male is really a quite lovely fish even if he hides every time i'm in the room. I would think after 1 year he would say hello now and then (he was purchased on july 7 2022; so his aniversity will soon arrive and he will be required to say hello instead of hiding).

required dated image:
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This is my 5-gallon betta tank. It's been set up for eight months.
1 Male Betta Splendens, named Musa
3 Amano shrimp
Assorted assassin snails
Java ferns
Java moss
Clover fern
dwarf sagittaria
Assorted crypts
Floating fern
Amazon frogbit

I don't use any ferts.
My light is a cheapo walmart light from back when they sold fish, lol. It seems to serve just fine.
Sponge filter and an airstone.
I change 50 to 75% of the water every week. I haven't tested the parameters for a while because everything seems to be thriving and we ran out of tests 😂
I feed once or twice a day. Musa's diet consists of color flakes, flightless fruit flies, and frozen bloodworms as a treat.
This tank was constructed largely because of the inspiration TFF offers me. Thanks for getting me back into this lovely, weird hobby, TFF! ❤️
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This is my 10 gallon which was originally set up in March 2020, and then I added in my own customised filtration in February 2023, and then finally replanted / decorated in April 2023 to give it the Island look.

Filtration / Heater / Lighting:
Filtration is made up of mostly sponge and then some filter floss, before the water pass by the heater and into the fluval flex 37 pump.
The heater is set to 24c.
The light is the River Reef 48l Led White double light, which is controlled via a smart plug. The light turns on automatically every day at 15:00 and turns off at 22:00
I also have an air stone which I tend to put on for a couple of hours each day, but no always.

My longest living plant is the main one which goes along the back and in the centre, which I believe is called ‘Hygrophila’. I’ve had this plant for well over a year now, maybe longer.
In the centre, but more to the front is a plant called ‘Heteranthera Zosterifolia’, which i’ve only had a couple of months. There is some ‘Java Moss’ to the left hand side which again i’ve had for well over a year. Finally there is some ‘Anubias barteri nana’ to the right attached to the Mopani wood.

The only fert I use is the ‘Flourish Comprehensive Supplement for the Planted Aquarium’, which I only dose a very small amount once a week.

I have 10 pygmy Corys, which was originally a group of 4, but in the past couple of months bought an additional 6. Increasing the number to 10 has definitely improved the morale of the original 4 as they are far more active than what they was.

I have 1 Otto, which i’ve had for about a year and half, I think. It was originally in a group of 3, but I sadly lost the other 2. Soon I will be getting more, when my local fish store has them in stock.

Eventually I plan to add another school of nano fish, to complete the nano community. Not to sure what to get though.

I feed the Pygmy Corys some ‘bottom feeder Bug Bites’, once a day at around 18:00, except for Fridays when I do a water change. Once or Twice a week I will substitute the Bug Bites for some frozen Brine Shrimp or Daphnia.

I feed the Otto 1 algae wafer, every other night just before the light goes off.

Water Changes:
Every Friday I do a 50% water change and I test the water before and after the water change to ensure everything is in balance.

First I trim down the plants and give the plants a general tidy. Secondly I will drain the water using a gravel cleaner, holding it just above the sand. I will rinse the sponges in the bucket of tank water once a month. Finally I refill the tank with water already treated with ‘Fluval water conditioner’

This is my 5 Gal betta tank, it's 12x8x12.
This tank is dirted, with a cheap 5 watt led.
I don't use any ferts, and this is no co2.
My betta named Artis lives here, he is a unique copper and is the only one with this coloration among his siblings.
I feed him betta food 2 times per day, fasting him on saturdays and giving him live treats on sundays (Mosquito Larvae, Daphnia, Brine Shrimp) depending what I have on my hands. I don't do water changes, I only top up whenever needed.
The plants I have here are
Jungle Val, Pearlweed, Hygrophilia Corymbosa Stricta, Cypt. Brown, Cabomba, and Microsword. The tank is exactly a month old today!
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This is a 10 liter air filtered round nano tank. It contains a group of least killifish. And this small tank is situated on my desk.
The plants used are: anubias nana, java fern, enchinodorus rubin and some Myriophyllum aquaticum. On the bottom some black gravel. And a small chinese statue of a lion.
In such a small tank, only small fish or shrimps would be suitable to keep in. In my case, some least killifish (Heterandria formosa).
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This is my 10 gallon tank!
I've owned this tank for two years, but it's been setup like this for a year come August.
I use a Hygger light, sponge filter, heater in the winter.
Planted with cryptocoryne, rotala, java Fern, Christmas moss, water spangles, and a pothos cutting. I have a two river rocks in there along with maple wood from my yard.
This tank is home to blue neocaridina shrimp and some little critter that I can't identify because it resembles grains of sand.
I really love this tank, and I am glad to get to share it with y'all!
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