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Vote Now for June 2020 Tank of the Month (Nano tanks only)

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  • Meg0000

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  • corylover5

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  • JuiceBox52

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  • PheonixKingZ

    Votes: 9 8.6%
  • Irksome

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  • FishkeeperLinz

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  • lazarusthefishboy10

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PLEASE VOTE! .................

We have 10 great entries for Fishforums' June 2020 Tank of the Month contest featuring tanks sized at 16 US gallons and smaller. View all the tanks and descriptions below and then go to top of page and click on your choice for TOTM and then click the "Cast" button.

It’s best to view these awesome tanks on a computer screen or a tablet instead of a small phone screen.

Please Note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken.

Winner will be awarded a neat "Tank of the Month Winner" banner in his profile area and will be featured in a "TOTM Winner" thread for all to see and to comment on.

Please DO NOT post any comments about specific tanks in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted. This thread will be cleaned up occasionally for best readability.

Poll will close on June 13 at 5:08 PM EST. We at thank you for your participation.
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Hello, welcome to my 3 gal Betta Paradise tank

Stocking: Nazgul the betta (you know from LOTR)

Plants: Anacharis, Java fern, moss ball

Water parameters: Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 4-10

Temperature: 32 c

Substrate: some kind of shrimp substrate???

Filter: none, do 80% water changes every week

Light: cant remember.

I hope you guys like it :) and good luck.
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Hi, This is my 10 gallon tank!
- female Macropodus opercularis (I know, not ideal in 10 gallon)
-mystery snail
Age of setup:
-6 months but I changed a lot of things last week.
-bacopa moneiri, mystery plant( I need help to identify!), java fern, spiky moss, ludwigia broad leaf hygrophila polysperma, pennywort, cryptocoryne and frogbit.
-caribsea peace river gravel
-seachem flourish 1ml/week
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This is my 5 gallon Betta tank.

Fish: 1 Betta(named Casper)

Substrate: sand/gravel mixture

Plants: Moss Balls, Cardinal Plant(I think it is), unidentified plant

Fertilizer: Seachem Root Tabs once a month

Temperature: 79 degrees Fahrenheit

Age: 11 months

Water Parameters: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 6 nitrate
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This is my 10 gallon wild betta tank.
Age of setup: 5 weeks
Size: 10 gallons.
Temp: 76
Filtration: just a simple sponge filter :)
PH: 5.8-6
GH: less than 22ppm
Ammonia: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 5

Marimo moss ball
Micro swords
Java fern
Crypt wentii
Java moss
A other type of moss

Fish: soon to be a pair of wild bettas later this week. If they arrive before the voting starts I'll update the picture.

Thanks for looking!
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Welcome to my tank, "Betta Paradise"!

Tank size: 10 US gallons

Tank material: Glass


Filter: API Nano 2-10 gallon

Heater: Tetra 2-10 gallon

Light: Desk clip light, w/LED Bulb

Backdrop: Black garbage bag


Tank stocking:

Betta Slendens: "Hellboy" Plakat Male Betta (Profile picture) (Name: Ace)

Snails: BRH and MTS


Water Parameters:

pH: 7.4-7.6

Ammonia, Nitrite: 0ppm

Nitrate: 6-8 ppm


Plant stocking:

Anancharis (Broad leaved and narrow leaved)

Anubias Minima


Java Moss



Hardscape: Dragon stone, driftwood (2 pieces), 1 small root

Substrate: Play sand (Brown)


Fish feeding: I feed my betta Omega One tropical flakes every 3 days and betta pellets the remaining days of the week. I feed my snails blanched cucumbers once a week.


Other information:

How long has the tank been setup?: Just over 4 months

Ferts?: No ferts. I just let the plants grow

Light time on?: 14 hours a day, with 1 hour of natural light


Main information:

I have had this tank setup for a little over 4 months now. I originally got this tank from my LFS. My betta (Name: Ace) has been in that tank for a little over 3 months. The snails have been there as soon as i started my cycle.

This tank used to house my old betta (RIP Blaze) for over 1 year. I have had this tank itself for over 2 years.

Thank you for veiwing! Have a great day and stay safe. May the best tank win! :thanks: :fish:

(I apologize of the water appears to be murky, its just the weird lighting. :))
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Hello everyone! This is my 37litre/9.7US gallon tank.

Tank- fluval glass tank bought second hand for £5

Filter - interpret pf1 power filter and an air driven sponge filter

Heater - hidom quartz proheat

Light - t8 fluorescent 18inch On for 7 hours a day.

Backdrop - black bin bag

Hardscape - mopani and redmore wood

Plants - Anubias barteri, Java fern, cryptocoryne walkeri and amazon frogbit.

Sand - black river sand

Stocking - female halfmoon betta Named googley, 4 female guppies, 3 assassin snails, two zebra nerites and possibly two blue dream neocaradina shrimp.

Ph is 7.8, temperature is 26degrees centigrade

The fish are fed every 2/3 days with flake, pellets or daphnia.

The tank was rescaped 3 months ago. Thankyou for viewing!
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This is my Hugo Kamishi 53ltr/12gal tank

Age: 4 days
Filtration: None, yet.
Heater: Sea Something Stupid (Seabillion) 50w
Lights: An 18cm strip of white LEDs
Substrate:. Tetra Active Substrate, and nowhere near enough sand.
Background:. Black paint.
Hardscape:. Bogwood and a stone.
Plants: None, yet.
Stocking: None, but floating on the surface of the water is a container of 30 killifish eggs in peat. Depending on how many I can raise, some of them will be calling this tank home.
Water Params: PH; 7, GH; 3°GH, KH: 3°KH. Ammonia: 0.2, although it's possible I fudged it up. Nitrite:. Not tested, because I'm not yet cycling this tank. Nitrate: 5ppm. Temps: 24°C

Thanks for viewing.
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Hi, all! I know this looks boring, but in the future it will become a beautiful aquascape! Once I am able to go busking and earn a few hundred bucks, I will completely be rescaping this tank. I will:
-Layout white sand on the bottom as substrate
-Get a Sponge Filter (hang-on)
-Get a good quality LED light
-Plant a bunch of aquarium grass in one of the areas of the tank
-Get some tall plants for the back
-Stock it with Endler Guppies (breeding trio) and 4 Cory Cats.

This tank is 20L (5 gallons), so definitely a nano tank! It currently as a bunch of Ghost Shrimp that I see at nighttime. Used to have a bunch of guppy breeders that gave birth to 6 fry, 6 neon tetras, and... that's it! I try not overstocking my tanks. And I will for sure update you all on this tank when it is rescaped! As well as posting a video on setting it up! Thank you for your time, and I hope you like my new plans for it (I sure do!). Have an amazing day, everyone!!!
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Tank Size : 3 US Gallons

Age Of Setup:~3 Weeks

Stocking: 1 Female Betta + 1 Algae Eater (Note: Currently Growing Algae Eater Out Till I upgrade to a bigger tank!)

Water Parameters:
Temp: 78-79.5

Lighting: LED Unknown Parameters

Filtration: Noting Special Just a Cartridge Hang On Back

Aeration: Just A Standard Air pump rated for up to 5 Gallons with a Check Valve And a Flow Controller

Tank Maintenance: Every 1 1/2 Weeks 75% Water Change

Feeding Schedule: Once in the morning when I wake up and before i go to bed

Decorations: 3 Small Moss Balls, 1 Fake Java Moss Plant (Size: Medium), 1 Rock Formation, 1 Betta Hammock (She Loves it!), 1 Unknown Plant (On the right side)

More Info:
Hello All! My Name Is Jacob and I am quite new to the hobby. I Have Recently been getting in to the hobby more and more over the past 2 months, It has been a blast! I Currently Take Care of my Betta Cherry And My Algae eater Frank. I know most of my plants are all fake but i am not confident enough to get real ones besides the moss balls. Maybe one day! :). I have always loved the planed tank look and hope to achieve my dream tank one day. Anyway this is my tank and I hope you all enjoy!
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This is a 10g tank a friend gave me. It currently has a hood from a 20g that includes lighting. The filter came from the pet store as part of a used 20g sale. It has a heater.

It currently houses:

6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows. There uses to be 5 but I found a fry one day; at that time it looked lile a neon terra. I fed it back in the corner while the other fish were busy eating in another part of the tank. She soon knew where to go. I know the fry is a female because she has a well rounded belly.

It also has 4 Celestial Pearl Danios and 2 very charming Amano shrimp.

I feed flakes, pellets, frozen daphnia, live and frozen worms. I do 30% water change each week, 70% monthly.

Plants include:

A crypt of some sort
Dwarf water lily
Pothos ivy
One small sprig Creeping Jenny

Everyone is going into the "It's taking forever to cycle" 20g.

I love this tank, mostly because everyone gets along and is healthy.
Secondly because it's beautiful.

Thanks for reading.
Good luck everybody ♡
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End of Entries:
Please scroll up slowly as you review the 10 entries and then cast you vote in the poll at the top of the thread ( be sure to click "cast vote" link after making your choice). Thanks to all who participated in June TOTM.

Next contest is our Fish of the Month contest starting around mid June. This contest will feature Tetra fish only
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We have a winner! The winner is Vanalisa with her 10 gallon Nano tank. If you'd like to congratulate Vanalisa, head to this LINK
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