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We have 9 awesome livebearers entered into February 2024 Fish of the Month Contest. View all the entries and descriptions below and then go to the top of page - click on your choice for FOTM and then click the "cast" button.

Please DO NOT post any comments about any specific entry in this thread...such posts will promptly be deleted.
You are not allowed to update your entry picture once voting has started.

Please note:
Any attempt to influence competition results, other than by casting your allocated vote, is not permitted and may result in your entry being removed and / or further action being taken. You are not allowed to have friends or family join TFF for the main purpose of voting for you. This is a public poll so source of votes can be viewed.

The winner is awarded a neat banner in his profile area and will be featured in a Winner Thread for all to see and to comment. The winner also will be added to our FOTM Wall of Fame .

Poll will close on February 29th at 4 PM ET (US).

Good luck to our entrants in the Fish of the Month contest. We at fishforums.net thank you for your participation.
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Name: Zebra
Species: K-Class Male Endler’s Livebearer.
Tank mates: K-Class Endler’s Livebearer fry, Blue Velvet Shrimp, Ramshorn Snails.
Diet: NUTRAFIN MAX flakes, the occasional blanched pea, wouldn’t be suprised if he had tried some baby shrimps..
I got him for free from a friend when it was still a fry, so his true age is unknown. My guess is he is about four months old.
Zebra was one of the first fish to be moved into my 5 gallon, which I repurposed for a fry only aquarium so the big fish wouldn’t steal all their food.
When he came of age, Zebra was moved to my main aquarium. However for unknown reasons and unlike the other fish I moved from the 5 gallon into the main aquarium, Zebra’s health began to suffer until I moved him back into the 5 gallon ????.
So there he stays!
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  • Fancy Guppy (Male)
  • Obtained on 10/24/23
  • Tank: 55 gallon
  • Tank mates: Tuxedo Guppy (4), Emerald Green Cory (5), Zebra Danio (3), GloFish Danio (1), GloFish Tetra (4), Golddust Lyretail Molly (2), Hemigrammus levis Tetra (1), Neon Tetra (3), Panda Garra (1), Rummy Nose Tetra (3), Tiger Nerite Snail (19), Guppy Fry (many)

Obtained this fish at my LFS along with another male. It said they were locally bred at the store. The other male died recently but this one is still going great. Probably to blame for all the guppy fry I have too.
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Here is my heavily pregnant female mini marble stingray. She has been pregnant before and only had one pup which is common with young females.

Shes just over two I got her from Richard Hardwick at Wharf aquatics as he is probably the best guy in the UK to buy them from

She lives with the male in a 9'x3'x28" tank that is sumped. Her disk size is about 13" but she is very thick and solid and weighed a ton when I netted her from her old tank the other week. She is much bigger than the male

She eats massivore pellets, lancefish, prawns and mussels

Just a beautiful big fish
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This is one of my pairs of “Sunset High Fin Platy’s, there are a few babies in this tank, along with my little starting group of Cherry Shrimp, the tank is a 10 gallon, and has Java Fern, and Water lettuce for plants… this is a young pair, and I think her 1st babies… the tank has only been set up for a few months...
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Species goodeid Allodontichthys zonistius,
This little fish not growing more than about two inches Can get very aggressive towards each other will attack newborn babies if given the chance Best kept in a large aquarium with plenty of Plant cover and hiding places they do well when kept in a species tank only, to keep them in good condition They need a good variety of Prepared foods including live food
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This is Susan. She is a female painted platy, but her color is much more yellow than the others I have. She looks very pretty in the light. I don't know if I can beat stingrays and goodeids, but I had a gorgeous picture so I figured I'd share.
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This will be my entry for now. One of the red cauliflower sabertail swordtails... As soon as I get too close with the camera, they go to the back of the tank. And I used too much light in the front. This makes the tank look dark and only those fish in front are clear. So, I got one out and put him in a smaller container to get the photo right. My phone camera is not the best. But hey, at least I got the picture...
They're combined with my Skiffia multipunctatas. These splitfins don't nip at other fish's fins. So that combination works. But soon my sabertails will go to a bigger tank.
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This is Susan, my current OG big momma female mutt guppy/potential Endler hybrid. :D

Susan came to me as part of a tank of fish I adopted after I'd stopped keeping/breeding guppies, I only had a few males left, plus some black mollies in another tank, but they don't overwhelm with numbers the way guppies do. I wanted the lovely trio of marble mollies the guy had, agreed to take those, what he swore was only some male guppies, plus molly fry. When they arrived, this one female guppy was the only female being chased around by ten or so male guppies, and she was still only young, so I got her out ASAP and popped her in this tank as a temporary measure so she didn't get "male guppied" to death. Tried to find a home for her, but without success, before she began popping out batch after batch of fry! Now I have another couple of hundred guppies, but still able to pick her out as she's the largest female, I'm very fond of her, and she's produced some really gorgeous blue/purple young males that have some Endler markings, and gorgeous big tails, so I'm rather glad I did wind up keeping her in the end, and might try to line-breed for some more of those pretty metallic blues and purples!

Okay, so a female guppy isn't as stunning as the males - but they have a charm of their own, and she's currently one of my favourites, and I promised to enter, knowing there's no chance I could win when up against the amazing fish above (please don't waste any votes on me!) I'm just entering for the fun of it, and to immortalise Susan on the forum! :D Sorry/not sorry for the last minute entry, @Fishmanic :lol:
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Here's my entry! I just got 3 male, 3 female and 6 fry black bar endlers last week at my aquarium club meeting. They are allegedly not sullied with any guppy or other endler blood- pure black bar (not sure if that's important, but the guy at the club said it).

It's not about winning, though, people! Not about winning at all! :D :D :D :rolleyes:

It was difficult to get all the males in a picture, so I point them out where I was able to catch them. The tank has recently converted into primarily a shrimp tank (cherries, amanos, and underrated ghosts) and I have some sunshine neon tetras also. Found those in the LFS's shrimp tank and realized they're just beautiful.

I keep the dGH at about 7 (125ppm), dKH 2, temp 75. I quit checking the PH and just focus on the other 2 but last I checked it was about 7.6. I've got plants- anubias, java fern, some moss, penny wort (I think) and most recently, a buce plant that I can't remember the name of. No matter, it's mostly just a rhizome now because it's melted- I'm awaiting the rebirth of the pretty leaves :D

Remember- winning is NOT the objective here, folks. Having said that, I heard that sting rays kill dolphin babies and that black bar endlers are saving the entire planet's environment. ...just sayin....
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