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Vinegar Eel Starter Cultures- a MUST-HAVE for Fry - Wonderful SUPER EASY Food for Small or Baby Fish

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Mar 6, 2022
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None of your beeswax!
$8.99 per culture plus shipping. These guys are SUPER easy and with VERY little maintenance you will have pretty much free baby or small fish food for eternity! All you need in preparation for these little eels is a glass jar with a lid and some apple cider vinegar, yes, that is it. It really is that easy! Fill your glass jar with a 50/50 mixture of dechlorinated water and apple cider vinegar. Leave a few inches of space at the top. When you get your culture all you have to do is pour it in your jar and presto, fish food! Once the mixture in the jar fades to a paler yellow dump half of it into another jar and again fill both jars with the vinegar mixture. If you only want one culture dump the other jar.
I LOVE vinegar eels for fry
I haven’t had fry in ages and only have two fish right now, but I still keep my culture going :)

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