Um, What Is This?!?


Jan 8, 2014
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Idk if this counts as an emergency but can someone please tell me what this is?

It was not in there when I put in a new IAL nor was it in there this morning when I fed my betta. I'm talking about the little white floaty things.

I've scooped them out for right now (or did my best at it) but I don't want it to come back nor do I want it to harm my betta.
What is that? Could it have came into the tank because of the IAL?
The IAL is the leaf I presume. It could have been that, I don't know. If it is planarians (planaria?) they won't do any harm but aren't nice to look at I know. If you google them you will see lots of methods for getting rid of them. I have no idea which ones work or don't work, sorry.
IAL is the leaf Munroco.
Does not look like planaria tbh, I have had these once and also seen a different variant at LFS once so does not look like it imo.
Could just be something off the IAL itself, like leaf being rubbed against other leafs and this is just part of the leaf itself.
Though have not seen his with my own IAL's in tanks.
Would take the IAL out, give it a rinse and scoop from tank water with a fine mesh net and clean off glass as much of that stuff as you can, probably harmless.
Did you buy the IAL as completely 100 % natural, no added anything?
I'd have gone with fungal filaments, planaria would move.
I bought them off of eBay so to my knowledge they're just natural leaves. After scooping the white things out i haven't seen anymore today. The leaf was put in on Thursday when I do my water changes. I had also seen some of the white stuff clinging to the leaf so I tore those parts off and threw it away.
Are you sure they aren't tiny bubbles from your betta? 
Is it just like kind of stringy white clumpy stuff? If so, it's just protein/oil residue buildup (from food mainly) from the water's surface that is collecting on the "sharp" edges of the leaf. It's fairly common in betta tanks because there is often less surface agitation to break up and filter out this little film. It's harmless.

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