white stuff

  1. GuppyGirl20

    Um, What Is This?!?

    Idk if this counts as an emergency but can someone please tell me what this is? It was not in there when I put in a new IAL nor was it in there this morning when I fed my betta. I'm talking about the little white floaty things. I've scooped them out for right now (or did my best at it) but I...
  2. P

    Help! White Stuff On My Driftwood, Not Sure What It Is, Or If Its

    HELLO!! So Yesterday, I took all the remaining plastic houses in my tank and replaced them with real driftwood. I want my freshwater tank to be all natural with just plants and driftwood. All my levels are looking good. 0,0,5. But today I noticed some white on the driftwood I put in just...
  3. J

    Goldfish Parasites Help Diagnose The Disease.

    Hi,   I have bought a new 3" Oranda goldfish which introduced new diseases into my main tank. I have taken out the 3 old fishes and put them into a quarantine tank to treat for whitish lumpy stuff seen on one of the fishes tail, there's only a few on the tail. It still eats fine but had become...
  4. S

    Save My Fish

    Hi guys. There are wispy white things on my fish. I think it is either ich or columnaris. Well, they aren't my fish, so I don't know about the conditions of the tank.