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  1. C

    Help! What is on my fish

    I need help my Lucifer (black ghost knife fish) has something all over him. He was very lethargic and not eating but I put ick treatment in the tank and he seems to be perking up. My angles that are with him have white spots around their mouth.
  2. GuppyGirl20

    Um, What Is This?!?

    Idk if this counts as an emergency but can someone please tell me what this is? It was not in there when I put in a new IAL nor was it in there this morning when I fed my betta. I'm talking about the little white floaty things. I've scooped them out for right now (or did my best at it) but I...
  3. P

    Help! White Stuff On My Driftwood, Not Sure What It Is, Or If Its

    HELLO!! So Yesterday, I took all the remaining plastic houses in my tank and replaced them with real driftwood. I want my freshwater tank to be all natural with just plants and driftwood. All my levels are looking good. 0,0,5. But today I noticed some white on the driftwood I put in just...
  4. J

    Goldfish Parasites Help Diagnose The Disease.

    Hi,   I have bought a new 3" Oranda goldfish which introduced new diseases into my main tank. I have taken out the 3 old fishes and put them into a quarantine tank to treat for whitish lumpy stuff seen on one of the fishes tail, there's only a few on the tail. It still eats fine but had become...
  5. S

    Save My Fish

    Hi guys. There are wispy white things on my fish. I think it is either ich or columnaris. Well, they aren't my fish, so I don't know about the conditions of the tank.