Goldfish Parasites Help Diagnose The Disease.


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Jun 7, 2013
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I have bought a new 3" Oranda goldfish which introduced new diseases into my main tank. I have taken out the 3 old fishes and put them into a quarantine tank to treat for whitish lumpy stuff seen on one of the fishes tail, there's only a few on the tail. It still eats fine but had become slightly lethargic, one day there was a lot more white stuff on the tail. I have added aquarium salt and it perked up a bit and there hasn't been as many. Please help me to diagnose what it is in the video link below. I have been recommended Waterlife Sterazin for flukes and internal worms but it hasn't died off and I'm on the last dose of the treatment. 
Circled Fins:
The new Oranda I bought has no external symptoms apart from a few fading/missing scales and does very long thin white poop almost 15-20cm long almost everyday overnight. It has normal behaviour and eats fine. Another small fish of mine has just died and was left in the same tank as this Oranda. It had a one sided swollen belly, clamped fins slightly fraying but no rot, the mouth became sad looking and whitish, but it was swimming fine. On the final day of death it could no longer swim and floated all over the tank with the pump current and had some red streaks on the fins and a small red sore on the body . I seriously reckon that the Oranda is passing on a disease to these fish which were fine for the many years I've had them. I have kept the water parameters within acceptable limits since spotting the diseases. Please advise.
White stuff on Fins:
Dead fish: - Looks like drospy but is only one sided.

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