Help! White Stuff On My Driftwood, Not Sure What It Is, Or If Its


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Apr 24, 2014
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HELLO!! So Yesterday, I took all the remaining plastic houses in my tank and replaced them with real driftwood. I want my freshwater tank to be all natural with just plants and driftwood. All my levels are looking good. 0,0,5. But today I noticed some white on the driftwood I put in just yesterday. One of them has white on it but was already in the tank and I noticed the white maybe a week ago. The other one I just put in the tank yesterday but I had it soaking for about a week. Although, I didn't notice the white before I put it in yesterday. I'm quite positive it grew overnight. PLEASE take a look at my pics of the two driftwoods and tell me what you think. Im not sure it is the same thing on both.
The second pic Drift2 is the one I put in yesterday.


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If you just put that driftwood in then that white stuff is completely harmless and will eventually go away, just kinda ignore it if you can lol.
Its just mould or something i believe. Like saw said harmless
It's a kind of algae that grows on excess nutrients leaching from the wood. You can scrub it off, but it will come back until the last of the nutrients are gone, then it will go away on its own. It is not harmful to your fish (some fish and snails will eat it), so it's not a problem, although it doesn't look very nice.
I'm not sure yet how these forums work, and if it's best to attach a similar question to an existing post rather than start a whole new duplicate post over a similar issue. I don't know if anyone will see my question here, attached to an old post. But.... assuming that people will see this, I have a different-looking white growth on the driftwood in my new tank. It's not bright white like the photos above. It's a dull white growth like some form of algae or fungus. It's also growing on the moss attached to the driftwood. I'm currently in the early days of cycling this tank.

Here's a photo:

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The white growth is most likely microscopic organisms living in the driftwood. As the wood becomes waterlogged the organisms evacuate, they will go away or be eaten by fish, perfectly safe.

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