Ultra Green Rics


Fish Crazy
Jan 2, 2011
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N Manchester UK
For Sale...........
Common name: Ricordia
Quantity: 10-12 heads (approx 30 Mouths)
Estimate size: various
Delivery or Collection: Either
Where was the item originally purchased: LFS
How long have you had the item: 8 Months
Sales price: £45 as paypal gift
Postage & Packaging: £9
Location: Rochdale

Hi all I have decided to sell my stunning rics to make space for something else. I have set the price to what I paid and these have grown substantially and split. Each mouth will form into its own mushroom over time. Most coloured rics sell for around £15 per ear with the greens being usually cheaper so I think the price is fair.

These are extremely luminescent not only the mouths but all round each ear

I am advertising these elsewhere :)
Photo taken under h150w halides