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Dec 28, 2023
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Buffalo, NY
Hi! I've had many fish tanks over the years, the most at once was 8, a 150, 125, 75, two 55's and a couple 10's. Mostly I kept cichlids. Oscars, JD's, sevrums, africans. Currently I only have 2 tanks, a 55 and a 10 but the 10 isn't in use. I tried live plants a couple times, but the pleco went to town on them. I haven't had the 55 set up for the past year, but then I decided to get back into it, and that I wanted to make it a planted tank, like make it as natural as possible. So I made a bit of an attempt, but ran into a couple issues. And I'm trying to decide just what I want to do with this tank. So I decided to join your community to get some ideas, and to be able to talk with others about the hobby! I guess I'll post the details and my questions over on the planted tank forum. OK so thanks!
Welcome! I love planted tanks. I'm working on a 75 gallon now. It's been populated w tanks since early Dec. Fish came a week or so after. I've struggled some to get the dKH & CO2 balanced, and hair algae is the devil. 👹

It's a lot of fun, though. Plants make it so that I am fiddling around with the tank a lot- I like that.

Looking forward to seeing what you build!
Well, welcome aboard... :hi:
I love natural looking biotopes... Curious for those pictures...
All you need to decide on is a general direction. After that, how it works out and how much you enjoy any challenges make the decision for you.

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