Today's a new day.

We prefer it if all journals are in the Journal forum, either Freshwater Journals if you main focus is fish or Planted Aquarium Journals if the main focus in the plants/aquascaping.
Oh. There is a journal section on the Betta splendens subfourm under Bettas, so I posted it here since people haven't posted it for a year.
The reason most of these subforums are empty, and those which have threads are recent, is that we moved everything out of them a year or so ago, but for some reason the subforums were never deleted.
Today's Sunday, Mother's Day. I hope I get the important stuff I need for my 5 gallon aquarium today with my dad because he isn't going to golf today. I will keep you updated when I get the stuff.
Unfortunately, the 21L project didn't happen and changed the aquarium size to an 11.8 gallon long, shallow aquarium to provide more horizontal space for the betta. The 21L is being kept in the shed for now until it's ready for use.
That should make a nice tank for a Betta. Or if it's longer than the tetra tank, what about moving the tetras into it?
Yes, but tetras need 20 gallons to actually thrive. Mine is not thriving for over a year now. :(
Yes tetras like a bigger tank but considering you are stuck with 2 tanks, I would put the tetras in the bigger of the two so they have more room to swim. It's not ideal but it gives them twice the length they currently have. In the future if you get a bigger tank, then you can move them into that.

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