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Nov 10, 2006
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think on getting a couple crabs Freshwater

in 55 gal with green terror , small oscar,small serium,shark

will they get eatin ??

what types to get ?? are they many types ??

fiddler crabs Maybe Red Mangrove Crab ???

will they crabs breed easy

thanks any info will help
First of all they need brackish water to breed, and most with the exception of the rainbow crab, which grow quite large also do better in brackish water. The small red claw crabs need to be able to get out of the water and need a good sized dry area above the water level to forage on. I have King crab/red claw in a 30g corner tank with rocks built up the back and bog wood ontop of the rock face, the crabs seem to enjoy this, they also have a small brackish puddle to bath in as they need salt water to be able to moult properly.

As for them getting eaten by your larger fish, i'm not sure about that, but i think they would have a go which could cause damage to the crab as they tend to quite small at about 2cms when you get them. They are great fun to have, but to be honest I think they are better in a species tank. they seem to enjoy being in small groups with a mix of males and females and places to sit out of the water are essential otherwise they will find other ways out, up your airline/cables and you wont see them again :shifty:
thats what i figgered need another tank

well if the snail breeding don't go good

i'll have to try crabs


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