The Weeks Casualties .

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Back in the fold

That One Guy
May 25, 2019
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On the banks of the Yellowstone
I haven’t had one fish croak on me in forever but this week the Grim Reaper visited my fish room . Two of my Aplocheilus lineatus , one male Aphyosemion australe , and saddest of all my Betta . Not really too bummed about the killifish but losing Gwanji was a drag . I had him for over a year . He was a PetsMart rescue and I figure he lived better with me than he would’ve with anyone else . His diet for the whole time was live fruit flies and he loved them .
All the “sad” emotioncons . Why ? Wasn’t trying to elicit sympathy . What I was trying to get across is that these things happen and most aquarium fish have short lifespans . Nothing to cry about . You give your fish the best possible care and enjoy them in their brief time under the sun . Hopefully they will have spawned successors for you and the journey continues . I actually kind of envy Gwanji . The Royal Betta has flown to Valhalla and is drinking to the victory’s of his kind . Rejoice with him and banish your sorrow .
I did the o_O if you lost 3 fish in one week... & as you said, you haven't lost one in a long time... I would at least be double checking everything, & scratching my head... yep I know it happens I lost a German Blue Ram this morning, out of one of my best, most stabile tanks... more head scratching...

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