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Tell me something funny

I once worked in a restaurant that had these huge convection ovens in the kitchen. Each oven had little sign on the door that said, "Caution: Hot."
So here is a fishy funny story. I have some 'young' chocolate cichild around 3 1/2 to 4 inches. One of them constantly puts on stress marking and clamps his tail at times - so today i was watching him carefully (they never do this at feeding time); and he was on the bottom looking under one of the rocks in the aquarium (it is 600 gallons); and there were a bunch of loaches napping. The longer he looked the more distress he became; of course i thought he might be ill or something. After a while i guess he got bored and return to the top - dropped his stress markings; unclamp his fins and returned to normal happy piece of chocolate.

And that is the danger of mixing loaches with sa cicihld.

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