Tank size / shape, and conditions effect fish…

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I just got a couple baby ( 1.5 inch ) Denison Barbs…. They came from one of the better On line Discus sellers… I was worried about one, as it seemed to have trouble adjusting… thought maybe it had a swim bladder issue, as it was always “head standing “ in a corner… one of the 2 of them seems pretty normal, and “head stander” is capable of normal swimming, and has been eating well, and normally, but probably 80% of the time it likes to stand in the corner… in trying to understand,… it’s now in a standard 55 gallon tank, with lots of floor space, but maybe it had been housed in one of those little cubes, you are not normally shown, that wholesalers often use, so it’s not used to having swimming space… there are other Denison’s in the tank, but they are bigger, they haven’t been picking on the small ones, but neither of the new small fish have been shoaling with the adults yet…

Another possibility, is “head stander” is right next to the heater… this is a cooler tank, and maybe the Discus place keeps all their tanks warm for the discus, and the lil guy hasn’t acclimated to the correct temperatures yet???

Every day it seems to acclimate more… and spends more time swimming around normally

Could be just an adjustment issue... Give it some time...
I’m not good with either ( going to quit entering contests ) fish looks healthy, does swim around normally, it’s been in the tank 4-5 days now, and eating frozen brine shrimp, and micro pellets….

It is darker in that corner, as a Tidal 75 is above it, and there is a black heater right in the corner, and a couple of my black hang on pots above it, along the short side… the tank is not overly lit, kind of a medium light level
It’s got good color… sorry about the poor picture, had to zoom… there aren’t worms or things floating in the water, must be lint on my lens, or maybe it got scratched, my phone works with me and has a hard life
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Just put your phone on camera mode and video and press the button. It will help you in the long run. Then just upload in same way you have with pictures.
Unfortunately videos can't be uploaded the same way as photos. Photos can be uploaded directly, videos have to be uploaded to a video hosting site and the link pasted on here.
It's your fault. I can see from the fish you've been putting on your lulemontetra tights and doing yoga in front of the tank.

In all seriousness, give it time, but it may be being picked on. That is a defensive posture.

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