tank maturing question

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Sep 19, 2003
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Clinton,Tennessee, U.S.A.
ok i understand that a tank maturs and it will get certain invasions of algae, ect. but why does it get certain algae, ect. at different times? do they lie dormant until conditions r perfect for them to thrive?
thnx in advance for any answers
Good question.

First, not all blooms are algae blooms. Some are bacteria, such as the common red cyano bacteria.

Bacteria and algae seem to be dependant on two things found in a new tank. Silicates, and phosphates. Type and duration of lighting will help make an impact also. They also contribute to the different types of crud you will have going on in a cycle.

Once they are all used up, however, good husbandry usually keeps them from reoccuring.
Don't let my wife see this...another argument that I'm a bad husband :hyper:

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