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Synodontis Velifer


Mar 9, 2009
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Worthing, West Sussex
Common name/s: None

Scientific name: Synodontis velifer

Family: Mochokidae

Origin: West Africa; Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana

Maximum size: 8" - Up to 23 cm reported in scientific literature; 16 cm is more typical

Care: This Synodontis comes from West African rivers and like other members of he genus is essentially tolerant and hardy. Will do well between pH 6-8, 5-20 degrees dH. All Synodontis are shy and prefer subdued lighting; provided lots of rocks, bogwood and caves. My juvenile specimens like to hide behind the filter and thermometer! Use a heater guard to protect these catfish from burns should they wedge themselves between the heater and the glass.

Social behaviour: Territorial towards one another, but not as aggressive as some of the other members of the genus. Completely peaceful towards midwater community fish too large to be viewed as food.

Feeding: Omnivores; they will eat most types of food including live food, flake, pellets and algae wafers. Live and frozen invertebrates are particularly enjoyed; mine love bloodworms!

Sexing and breeding: Female Synodontis tend to be more robust than the males, but the only reliable characteristic is the shape of the genital papilla. This species has not been bred in captivity.

Comments: Both juveniles and adults have essentially similar colouration, but adults have more spots and their skin colour is a darker grey. Like most Synodontis, these fish are mainly nocturnal, but as soon as the aquarium lights are switched off they swim about, even during the daylight hours.

Anyone else own these lovely cats? Please add to my profile listing! :nod:


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