Swimming against the current!


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Apr 8, 2005
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Does anyone else's guppies do this?! Last night my yellow/orange (pregnant) guppy was frantically swimming against the current of my filter...as if she was training for some swimming marathon...this afternoon, she was dead (is this significant?!)

Anyways, tonight, I've noticed the male guppy doing exactly the same thing...and he's sticking to it for absolutely AGES!

Is this normal?! :blink:
Yep, mine do that a LOT! They must find it amusing, to play in the Bubbles. :lol:

It is a little strange she was dead after it though....I can't explain that, sorry. :/
You may want to check you water parameters, I have heard that some fish will try to swim "upstream" in order to get away from unhealthy water. It can't hurt to check. :unsure:
:eek: The same thing happened to Marguerita, my male gup. He died two days later......

I have heard that some fish will try to swim "upstream" in order to get away from unhealthy water.

That's an idea... my params were fine too, but he still died. :sad:
I had a male guppy do that and he died shortly after. I called the lfs and asked about it (before he died) and the guy said he's "looking for cleaner water". :blink: My tank was still cycling at the time (unbeknownst to me as I didn't know about cycling back then). At around the same time (before the guppy died) I brought home another male and a female and neither of them ever swam in the current. They did both die eventually though.
Hi, it seems that alot of people find their guppys are upward swimmers - mine do it, even the baby fry (OK they are 6 weeks old). They are consistantly at it. As for the death - pregnant guppys are fragile, and may have had a complication in the pregnancy that caused the death. I'd say though she should have shown signs of ill health beforehand though. The swimming into the current suggests health, methinks. I'm sorry she died. :-(

Oh dear...that male guppy that I mentioned was doing this last night, has, by now, developed a cloudy eye...and is by the looks of things, struggling to keep alive :-(
Yer I had as male guppy do that :/ , died pretty soon after he started, but all my others were ok.

It may be water quality but I'm not really sure. Hope it turns out O.K.
yep they love it!its like theyre saying to eachother
look im stronger than you coz i can swin in the current!!!
:lol: :lol:
yep all my fish do it as well, they like form a que along the wall of the tank and take it in turns to swim into the flow of water comming from the internal filter, they literley get propelled to the other side of the tank, its quite funny to watch, the little mollie go the furthest. lol

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