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Jun 18, 2005
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Fresno, CA
I have 4 matureish Badis badis that I got last may from DrsFosterandSmith. The males are about 3 inches with red, turquoise, blue, dark stripes, colorful fins, arched backs. They were labeled assorted Badis badis. Can't get a pic yet--new software bogging down the computer. One of the 4 is clearly female. So far everyone seems to be good. The girlie follows a male around and seems to have a favorite--a handsome devil--although at times she will show some interest in another fellow. I don't see any aggression or fighting. I have seen her go into different male's caves.

I just moved them from an Eclipse 12 to a 25 usg tall Eclipse 3 yesterday. There is lots of cover, hidy places, driftwood, and caves. I am thinking of also putting in some kind of cylinder (probably an intake tube from a filter that is not being used.)

I would like to put some other mid to upper swimmers, although the badis are quite attractive by themselves. I have 3 ADF that will go in. I had thought to put a botia family in; I have 3 B.dario and four B.straita. But have been wondering if they really need another bottom fish? I have also been considering a shoal of 22 harlequin and porkchop Rasaboras. But they sleep at the bottom too. It will evolve to a planted tank; it just has some sprigs so far.

So any things I need to know, suggestions, tips?

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