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Jul 10, 2012 at 2:35 AM
Jun 18, 2005
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Dec 13, 1941 (Age: 77)
Home Page:
Fresno, CA

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Member, Female, 77, from Fresno, CA

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Jul 10, 2012
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    Dec 13, 1941 (Age: 77)
    Home Page:
    Fresno, CA
    My Aquariums & Fish:
    10 usg--shrimp and hatchary

    10 usg-- fry grow out

    12 usg--bronze Corys

    14.5 (1/2 29 usg) future fry grow out

    20 usg--Cories: C. bilineatus "San Juans", melini, arcuatus, long fin pandas

    20 usg long-- C. paleatus longfin albino, C. paleatus LF regular

    20 usg long--cloud of galaxy Rasaboras with babies, 2 panda farm bred, two lf albino pepper special needs, fry nets, 1 adult marble BN, several juvie marble BN, 1 Jari Zebra L 316 Plec, 9 C. reticulatus, 6 C. punctatus

    25 Tall usg Eclipse 3--9 C. loretoensis, 6 C.1 LF marble BN, C. "andreas" aka Corydoras cf. stenocephalus, C. pygmeaus, C053, C. pastazensis.

    25 tall System II acrylic--"Veiled" White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Long Fin Mountain Minnows eating my plants!), 6 dwarf S. lucipinnus and a couple of juvies, 4 albino BN juvies, planted

    29 usg-- C. duplicarus, C. suessi, C. julii, A. prionotos, C118, C. hastatus, 3 lf albino BN, amato shrimp

    29 usg--C. gossei, , leucomelas, marble BN, 2 Micropoecilia picta "Red Morph" Pairs

    29 usg--C. caudamaculatus, C. simulatus, a dozen mixed variety harlequin Rasaboras, breeding Frank Falcone guppys, C. sodalis

    29 usg--blacks, Gold lazers, green lazers, undulatus, marble BN, Microrasbora cf. rubescens aka Flame Red Rasbora, ICEEGRL plants

    40 Tall Eclipse 3-- Cory Tank: C. melanotaenia, Brochis splendens, C. sterbai, C. pantanalensis, 1 LF marble BN

    40 usg exec--Coradoras: Virginiea/Sangamas, bronze aeneus, Pulcher variant #3, C096, S. barbatus, Brochis multiradiatus aka Longfin Brochis

    40 usg corner--trio Red Eye Blood Red Super Sailfin Swordtails; many many long fin bronze Corys

    45 usg cold water tank waiting

    50 usg--Super schwartzi, C.Weitzmani, C. panda, Parotocinclus maculicauda aka Redfin Dwarf Pleco, C102, Tatia perugiae aka Oil Catfish

    60 usg outside--12"+ Common Goldie, 10" (?) gold koi

    100 usg community--Tetras: serpae, rosies, black phantoms, bleeding hearts, silvertips, glolights, green fire, green neons, diamond head neons, cardinals, 1 rescued two spot Tetra, emperors, peppered cories, 1 escaped Pulcher variant #3 and Botia darios, Botia straitas, apisto female and male (cockatoo), ADFs, planted, and newest additions: gold neon Cardinals and 4 L Starlight Plecs

    125 usg System II: 4 Moba Zaire Fronts, 3 Red Fin Lu Bufu compressiceps, 6 multi Synos, 6 Clown loaches, 2 S. petrocola, 2 unknown Synos, 2 common Plecs

    1 Betta bowl--Ms. Quasi/ now Mr. Quasi lol

    Lots of snails, including Malyasian Trumpets, some amano shrimp spread around
    Personal spiritual growth; male teen risk intervention; Christian evangelism; nature sniffing; Whiskers (my dog); driving; seeing my friends and family safe and content.


    Yahoo! Messenger:


    [​IMG]Fishes don't have faces;
    You can't talk to animals,
    You Stupid Woman.