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Sep 7, 2021
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Czech republic
As always (and as everyone) I would like your advice on stocking. I have a tank and in this setup it has been running for two years. I added some plants, removed some other, added some fish, removed all rabbit snails, but overall I feel like a change, even a small one might no be a bad idea.

I need to replace at least one of the wood, since it is a nature collected one, dissolving too fast and is causing too much floating debris and has some type of mold.
Thus I want to do a small redesign, want to replace some plants, at least one of the anubias on the bottom, maybe one of the echinodorus, since instead of a thick bush it shoots long stems all the way to the surface. Not sure what plants will go there, will contemplate, but a sure change will be needed. It may also be time to do some fish replacement.

The tank is 120x50x60cm lxwxh so a rough 360liters. At this moment, the stocking is following:
4x bolivian ram (two confirmed females, one male, no aggression between them or corydoras, even when fry watching, regular spawning) in tank since 02/23
12x sterbai corydoras *half from 10/21, half from 11/22
18x rummynose tetra 12/22
30x or so ember tetra 10/21
7x otocinclus 05/22
5x amano shrimp 05/23
2x bamboo shrimp 10/21
6x remaining hatchetfish, some from 10/21, some 12/22 not buying more, jumping beasts.

I was contemplating removing the ember tetras, maybe giving them away to someone. They do not appreciate the length, after seeing the rummynose, they are truly a boring tetra, they barely move and thus are also fat. Initially I was thinking of just buying more rummynose and leaving the tank as is, minus the embers. But maybe it is not the way to go. If the stocking would conflict with the bamboo shrimp, I would remove them two to other tank with stronger flow, but they are unbothered by any of the fish I currently have. They have several plant stems directly in front of the filter output and are enjoying it immensely. Due to the bolivian rams and corydoras, I would not want a fish that spends time at the bottom or needs the substrate or hiding space there. The bottom of the tank is full. I am looking for mid or top level dwelling fish. I could remove the hatchetfish to another tank as well, if needed, though they are not the largest bioload in the tank and if they can coexist with the stocking, I would rather keep them in. Not like they wont all jump out eventually, even though I close all the gaps.

I absolutely love honey gouramis, their behavior and looks. It is hard to get healthy ones here, but I was thinking maybe 5 honey gouramis would work in this tank. Granted, it breaks the "south american" theme, but I didnt find any SA fish that would fit the mid-upper level
The pH is around 7, temp around 26°C and water is soft.

What would you recommend?


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What about pencil fish for the upper third? Some stunning coloured species around could be that niche you are wanting to tackle?
What about pencil fish for the upper third? Some stunning coloured species around could be that niche you are wanting to tackle?
They are definitely on my list for hatchet fish replacement for a while. Will have to check availability here though
If you want action then danios are a great option. They also come in many different varieties.

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