Starting to collect house plants!

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I struggle with succulents that I pick up from Kroger or Lowes. I suspect that it is the soil they are in, not well drained. Any advice?
You could try different shops.
Or change the soil to a cactus mix compost, add perlite if you wish.
For repotting just shake/dust off the old soil being careful not to disturb the roots.
If you suspect parasites, or are putting a plant in a fishtank, rinse the roots.
Be cautious of using larger pots as it often leads to overwatering and root rot.
Stopped by my local Lowe’s today while a family member made some returns. I checked the plant section as they get new things all the time. I’ve been watching out for a spider plant, hoping to get at least a small one at some point. They had rather large ones with dozens of lil baby plants. $15, so I grabbed one. (And of course spent at least 10 minutes choosing the best one). We were checking out, and it rung up as $4. We figured it was a mistake, so asked a worker to help us fix it. She looked at it for a few seconds before saying “must be on sale”. So I ran quick and grabbed a second one! $4 a piece! Pictured here is only the bigger one. I also got this beautiful ladder from a woman on Craigslist, $20. I plan to hang it from the ceiling above my desk or bed or something and hang some plants from it…

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