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Dec 1, 2006
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Hi. having been doing the tropical fish thing for 4 years now with literally only a couple of deaths which I will put down to old age (the fish!) I will call myself a one stage up from the novice. I started with a big tank but was relegated to the study when we decorated the lounge, so down sized. She has realised that it is not a passing fade so allowed me to go back up to a man sized tank. I would just like to say that against all the odds I have never bothered with cycling or the like. My only maintanance is a monthly 30% water change using a gravel cleaner syphon and water from the shop + minerals and a scrape off with the algae. A quick squeeze in old water with the filter media and a shake with the noodles. Feed once a day with flake and cat fish pellets plus the odd treat. I don't even have real plants. I probably have a few too many fish and they are only the regular community variety but my success has been 9.8. and the tank looks great and gains many compliments. It amazes me how much time and money people spend and I just sit back and enjoy for just a couple of quid and an hour a month.....where am I going wrong :hey:

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