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  • Hi Dorsey,
    Could you do me a favour and check your Juwel Light bar 'Fix' thread?
    Im having a few probs at the mo!
    Would be good to have your opinion!
    no probs mate,, was going to put them in a 30 inch tank, in it i have coral sand and a few bits of tufa rock and a couple of small clay flowerpots and pebbles. i have a fluval 4 power filter running in it. i dont have any other fish in it so was going to keep them by themselves. i had a few aoulonacara in it but got rid of them last week. where are you living??? max
    Nice tank!! Like thevrock look! Got ocean rock on the way with coral sand :) revamping from my current pic lol
    Hi Doresy, having problems uploading pics but my problem is the same as haowin's on page 4 of this thread.
    HI, i was wondering if you could help me, i have a rio 125 lightbar which is no longer working, have opened it the way you have suggested hoping to have an easy repair, but instead of the 6 or 8 connection points i have only 3. any kind of help in rewiring would be very much appreciated.
    yours hopfully bobbypnut
    Thanks for your reply on the air pump,didnt fancy putting the pump in. Filter seems to be working fine.Cheers
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