staring contest

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May 10, 2004
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i was just staring at my 15g female community tank, wondering why everyone was in such ap issy mood tonight when one of my females that was in a fight earlier came to the frotn of tank, parked herself right against the tank and stared at me.

so, i sat there, and stared at her back...and this contineud quite a few minutes :unsure: she just kept staring at me..and staring and staring :blink: it was sorta cute :wub: but then i decdied to see if she'd do something if i looked away, so i did and pretend not to acknolwedge her, and then she swam off for air :D

they are so cute :rolleyes: :wub: i love the way they stare at me, it's like they know hwo i am :rolleyes: adn no i'm not crazy :)
LOL okay, so i let her win :rolleyes: but dont' tell her that okay it might hurt her ego :rolleyes: she has one hte size of a cloud, so lets not burst her bubble :p

c'mon, you've been in a staring contest with your fish too, dont' lie :shifty:

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