Spotty Tail on Oranda


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Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA
From the link I provided above.

White spot.
There are several stages to this parasite's lifecycle and it must be noted that the parasite can only be killed during its free swimming stage. That is when the parasite is swimming around in the water looking for a new host.

Stage 1: The white dots on the fish. The parasite has attached itself to a fish and is feeding off it. The parasite has a white case that is glued to the fish and is protecting the parasite from everything.

Stage 2: The parasite has gorged itself on fish blood and drops off the fish and sinks to the substrate. When the parasite detaches from the host fish, it leaves a small wound and the fish's immune system patches up the wound leaving a small scab. The white spots disappear from the fish because the parasites are now on the bottom of the tank dividing/ reproducing inside their little white case.

Stage 3: The white case with the parasites inside, ruptures open and releases hundreds of new parasites that swim around the aquarium looking for a new host to attach to. This is the only time you can kill this parasite, while it is swimming around looking for a new host. Once the parasite finds a new host and produces its little white case, you cannot kill it. If the parasite is not killed during this free swimming stage there will be a lot more white spots on the fish.


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Sep 7, 2020
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Good day, all! Wanted to give you an update. I think I'm finally turning the corner on this ich thing. Brad looks really good. Even the white bits on his wen are improving. An increase in temp (72 to 75) really seems to have made a world of difference - still treating with ich-x. I was on the verge of changing meds but thankfully things are taking a turn toward the better. I may even leave the temp at 75 because they overall seem to be much happier.

Thank you all for the help :D