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Slender Madtom


Dec 11, 2007
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Mid-east Missouri
Common name: Slender Madtom

Scientific name: Noturus exilis

Family: Ictaluridae

Maximum size: 4-6''

Origin: Northern Ozark Rivers, Missouri

Care: Care for Slender Madtoms is relatively easy. They prefer medium to hard water and can withstand temperatures from 40-80 F. Smaller grained gravel or sand is preferred as larger sharp substrate can injure the fish. Provided plenty of hiding spots - caves, ledges, and driftwood are greatly appreciated. Slenders, as with all other Madtoms are nocturnal; however, comparatively to other Madtoms, they are much more active during the day. This is especially true during feeding.

Minimum Tank Size: 30gal

Tank-mates: Madtoms are peaceful fish, and do well in most peaceful community tanks. They can make a snack out of smaller fish...Although this is unlikely do to their size. They do well with others of their own kind, granted there is enough room.

Feeding: Will eat a wide variety of food. Flakes, algae wafers, live/frozen food are eaten very readily. They will even eat from your hand given time.

Will post pictures when available


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