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Nov 12, 2006
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Still planning my new set up and noticed the Sapphire NanoSkimmer NC24 on nanatuners website, looks good. But...

I had planned to do everything that steelhealr recommended and that was using the middle chamber as a refugium.

Being a newbie my thoughts are that a skimmer does lots more than reduce nitrates (which a refugium is used for) but being a koi keeper I have always valued plants to remove nitrates.

Now I don't know what to do. !!! :-(

I will be putting in an extra Maxijet 1200 (as per steelhealr) and TWO 50W heaters, plus 1/2 a sponge and so the chambers will be fairly full, little room for water even! ! ! but .... is there enough for the skimmer AND the refugium. Until my tank arrives (next week I hope) I can't make exact measurements.

The skimmer is 2.25"x4"x11".

Your thoughts would be much appreciated.
It works in the same way as your Koi. Plants are used in marine aquaria to reduce nitrates aswell, but when added to a refugium, they have an added advantage that they are an extremely good habitat for macroinverts like Copepods, which are beneficial for your fish and tank! :D A skimmer does the same, it pulls dissolved organics from the water before they breakdown and produce nitrates. I think a skimmer would probably be more efective than a small refugium in reducing nitrate, but a refugium has added benefit in supplying a natural escapoe and then a food source to your fish. Both acomplsih the same thing. You could just have both! :p
Agreed. Both accomplish the same thing. Were I to build a nano in the manner of SH's tank I'd go with a refugium before I used a skimmer. Simple reason, refugiums are easier to run. You dont have to balance air inlet, pump packpressure and other things to prevent the refugium from injecting bubbles in your tank ;). Small skimmers can be a bit tricky to master from a technical standpoint, and even I wouldn't bother TBH :)
OK, thanks for your help. I'm going to try the refugium first, it's cheaper, sounds easier and better fits a beginner like me.

Cheers :good:

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